Watering ,feeding birds and weeding

Thursday July 31st 2014

First work session of summer holidays-arrived school 8am began by watering fruit trees on slope by playground-alas all the fruit has been mysteriously scrumped 6-8 weeks before it was fully ripe….

I also watered all the plants in the nursery outdoor play space

Colin newly returned from 5 weeks holiday arrived to help -he watered the seat planter then helped me water the pots and hebes at the front of school

Rose arrived to help she watered the 2 pots behind the learning centre then helped me water the flower bed by the playground steps

Back next to the wildlife area where we filled the bird feeders around our project site+Colin kindly removed the dangerous stump by the plastic sheeting he also put the dead blackbird in the nearest compost bin!

Rose and I went up the water the fruit and veg garden usually tended by Mrs Frost and the school children

After a well earned coffee break our final job was          weeding/tidying up deceased foliage in the far copse by the public footpath

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Recruiting more volunteers …

Tuesday July 22nd 2014

Back to school for 2pm ready to try to recruit more parents to join our school wildlife area volunteer team

Families all enjoying the end of term fun event -bouncy castles,donkey rides etc-on the school field I asked several adults re the possibility of them helping us from September

David a new Dad to the school has offered to help us-also  am hoping to publicise our project at the school gate when school reopens for the autumn term

In my enthusiasm to recruit more help it seems I tried to recruit the headteacher’s father!

NB I  have recycled the donkey poo into our school compost bins ……

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Summer holiday work session dates

Tuesday July 22nd 2014

Work session dates for adult volunteers helping during school summer holidays

Mondays 9am-12md

August 4th+18th

September 1st +15th but NOT Sept  8th

Thursdays 9am-12md

July 31st

August 14th+28th

September  4th+11th etc

NB If front gate locked then access to school grounds will be via field gate further along Mill Lane


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Tree chippings moved in record time!

Tuesday July 22nd 2014

Up to school for 8am started by weeding back foliage overhanging the lower pathway in  our school wildlife area

Back to the front of school hoping to recruit parents to help with moving and spreading the large load of tree chippings donated+delivered yesterday by Teign Trees

SUCCESS- JOB COMPLETED +coffee drunk by 10am!

All 4 Dads  who assisted me are all ex pupils of our primary school ….

Two parents John and Peter had been asked on Friday and turned up to help-I also recruited Duncan who helped last time plus Jason who was able to help us for a short time

NB I had embarrassingly due to shortsightedness inadvertantly asked a member of school staff to help-he was wearing a high vis top with school name badge which I failed to notice so thanks again  Mr B for sparing the 10-15 mins of your free time before class to take a few barrow loads of tree chippings into the wildlife area!

We now, thanks to today’s volunteer helpers have a lovely restored pathway through the far copse ie below the staff car park

More tree chippings needed asap to complete pathway connecting both sets of steps…..

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Feeding birds,pruning,weeding ,watering,planting etc

Monday July 21st 2014

At school for 8am put 20 watering cans of water on various planters and recent planting at front of school…

Next to wildlife area where I filled all the bird feeders + sorted bird food ready for our next work session in the school holidays!

Cath arrived to help we went round to the front of school to do some pruning of foliage growing through the school fence by the public footpath -after a while Nigel came so an excuse to return to the wildlife area for a coffee break…

A class of children came down with staff to do some still life drawings-some difficulty with butterflies not posing long enough!

Cath and I then back to front of schools to rescue and replant and water in  iris,verbena bonariensis etc from the bed by the school kitchen where building work is soon to take place

Lots of birds,butterflies and bees etc seen in and around the school grounds ie gatekeeper and speckled wood butterflies plus goldfinch and greenfinches

Oops no time to collect children after morning break to help with filling last 2 bird feeders however have asked Mr Ball for timetable of classes helping us with this task again from September

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School grounds celebration event

Friday July 18th 2014

Yesterday Mr Ball invited me to a school grounds celebration event  at 2pm this afternoon

Classes,teachers along with a few parents gathered by the new 2014 raised bed fruit,flower and veg planters in the playground above the wildlife area

Mr Ball led the celebrations telling everyone about how the children at lunchtime garden club helped by Mrs Frost have planted + cared for  salad greens, tomatoes, lettuce,runner beans,french beans, potatoes,sweetcorn,beetroot etc plus rhubarb, strawberries, blackcurrants ,sunflowers, pinks, petunias  and antirhnums

An amazing variety of produce grown over last 4 months was on sale to families and staff

Mr Ball told us that the new planted area would continue to grow and develop plus the classes would be making more use of the wildlife area from September onwards- plus there will be a fantastic indoor-outdoor classroom area being built and developed in the far corner of the school field

The children were invited to show their parents around the school wildlife area +some teachers brought their classes down for a wildlife area visit

NB just prior to the celebration a teacher was using the wildlife area with a small group of children for a music session

I was busy attempting to recruit more parents to join our wildlife area volunteers team every Mon and Thurs morning and also asking for help spreading tree chippings along the pathways in the wildlife area on Tuesday  morning next week!

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Teignmouth in Bloom Award+ants nest+feeding birds +watering,weeding etc

Thursday  July 17th 2014

Just Rose and I working this am at school ie alas Elaine and Sharon unable to help today…

Very hot dry weather continues so I began by watering containers at front of school then the plants on the flower bed by the playground steps

Began  to fill the bird feeders near the shed-Rose arrived soon after to help me with filling majority of feeders around our school wildlife area

Our  next job was refilling the water butts and watering cans plus watering the pots of saplings,perennials,wildflowers and roses plus the roses and honeysuckles around the shed

After sorting the bird food ready for next time we had our coffee break -lots of butterflies seen plus blackbirds,robins etc around

Back them to the front of school for more watering and weeding+I returned to the playground  to collect 3 children from Miss MacIntyre’s class to help with filling last 2 bird feeders

Mrs Quinn brought a letter to show  us that Teignmouth Community School Mill Lane has again been awarded the Teignmouth in Bloom school prize for our school gardens and school grounds -there will be an award ceremony at Bitton House Thurs Oct 9th 2014

NB there is a large colony of ants nesting in the compost bin nearest the shed ie just through the gate into the school wildlife area from the playground

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