Lady’s smock/cuckoo flowers+speckled wood butterflies+magpies+buzzard overhead+weeding and pruning large perennial bed

Monday April 14th 2014

Colin and I filled the bird feeders around the wildlife area-after several years now realise we need labels on jar lids to make work easier and hopefully quicker!

Colin and  then watered the nursery and “early years” plant pots + the raised seat planter by the classrooms and the fruit trees  by the playground

Cath arrived in time to help us with the first tidying ie pruning and weeding session of 2014 on the perennial bed behind nursery/TLC-numerous wheelbarrow and bag loads of garden waste carried down to compost at far corner of school field

Around 10.30am we went back into the wildlife area for a coffee break-we saw several speckled wood butterflies and heard a noisy group of around  10-12 magpies up in the treetops-needless to say all smaller birds not in view!

Back then to do more clearing of bed behind nursery-Cath pointed out a buzzard overhead

Lots of lady’s smock/cuckoo flowers (food plant of orange tip butterfly) in bloom on the school field and around the fruit trees we watered earlier

After Cath left Colin and I stayed another 15 minutes pruning back some overgrown brambles in the hedge by the wooden gate near TLC


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Feeding birds,digging out brambles,planting wildflowers,planting violas,weeding out alexanders!

Thursday April 10th 2014

Colin now back from his Lake District holiday plus Rose and I filled all the bird feeders around the school wildlife area

Mark the caretaker kindly lugged 2 heavy boxes of peanuts and sunflower hearts from school to the wildlife area for me-we buy this good quality  bird food on line from food4wildbirds

Lovely sunny morning for our work session:-

Colin pulled and dug out the remaining brambles which were growing on the slope behind the shed

Rose weeded the seat planter by the classrooms plus planted some yellow violas I’d bought especially for there-she also planted some plants from her garden by the new path behind TLC

I was meanwhile busy planting 18 ragged robin and 18 cuckoo flower plugplants in and around the large grassy area between our two main paths -I then planted the 10 recently purchased wildflower plants ie catchfly, sneezewort, poppy, birdsfoot trefoil,salad burnet,red clover,teasel,clary + yarrow on the lower edge of the slope opposite  the new pallet compost bin

After a coffee break + yummy M&S chocolate and toffee hot cross buns all 3 of us weeded out more alexanders!!!

We saw several speckled wood butterflies + bumble bees around in the lovely sunshine this morning

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Visitors to wildlife area+dogs tooth violet in flower

Wednesday April 9th 2014

Up to school this morning  with 8 other members of Teignmouth Walk this Way level 2 walkers for a tour of our school wildlife area- Jenny  donated some daffodil bulbs last year which I then planted in our project site

Lots more spring flowers and blossom blooming this morning -noticed the flowers on the hornbeam tree plus also the dog tooth violet in the far copse


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Not too wet for feeding birds + weeding!

Monday April 7th 2014

Just Elaine and I at school working in wildlife area this wet Monday morning…

Elaine arrived in time to help me finish filling the bird feeders +sorting the bird food for our next work session on Thursday

Apart from sheltering -from the heavier showers- in the shed for a couple of coffees we were able to spend  over an hour weeding out alexanders and field maple tree saplings from in and around both copses

Noticed that the ground ivy is flowering near the ash trees by the lower pathway + also have identified the tiny pink flower just in front of the shed as shiny cranesbill

Weather conditions worsened so we left for home about an hour earlier than usual!

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Rain stops work…………

Thursday April 3rd 2014

Just me in our project site today as alas Rose unable to help-I began by filling all the bird feeders

Alas the weather conditions somewhat damp with the rain worsening +forecast to last most of day

I still managed to walk around twice checking on wildflowers,blossom,birds etc

Still no frogspawn in our pond however we do have some lovely golden yellow marsh marigolds in flower close by the pond boardwalk

Also noticed we have cherry blossom plus cowslips, honesty and forsythia in flower

Mike-previously a wildlife area volunteer and now manager of Teignmouth Learning Centre-came down to discuss organising an event for next term ie in the wildlife area for our school families

There are lots of tasks we need help with -putting up owl and dormice boxes,make another compost shelter from pallets,pruning and weeding the  perennial bed behind TLC/Nursery+transferring plants there from the front of school,pathway maintainance/spreading tree chippings,planting hedge saplings,digging out bramble roots on slope below playground + much more!

As rather wet through I left school by 10am -shame as intended to do so much more work ie planting wildflowers,weeding out alexanders etc


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More wildflower plants arrive…

Tuesday April 1st 2014

Parcel from Thompson & Morgan arrived today ie 20 wildflower plug plants ordered last year however company had insufficient stock in 2013 so delivery delayed for a year

Was able to divide some of the plantlets so now have 30+ potted on – wildflowers sent were foxglove,black knapweed, selfheal, oxeye daisy,wild pansy, cornflower,ladies bedstraw,ragged robin,yarrow and rough hawkbit

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New volunteer joins team!

Monday March 31st 2014

At school for 8.30am began by filling bird feeders nearest shed and classrooms then went to front of school to meet our new volunteer….

Elaine is an ex pupil of our school who has kindly volunteered to join our work team on Mondays-so good to have a young person helping us oldies!

After signing in at reception  Elaine and I finished filling the rest of the feeders then sorted the food containers ready for next time

NB The round peanut feeder usually in tree just below far steps is missing?

Rest of morning we both spent pruning wild roses, clearing brambles and ivy from behind the shed and the top of the slope below the playground-lots of litter plus and PE balls retrieved again!

Another odd show found in brambles -this one not useable ie had lining pulled to pieces by something so was thrown in bin

Found another 3 huge fir cones from 2 trees behind shed-for years we hardly found any on the ground however this winter /spring being very windy we must have come across at least 12 cones

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