More annual foliage clearing+feeding birds

Monday September 1st 2014

Just Colin and I working at school this morning we began as usual by filling all  the various bird feeders around our wildlife area then refilled the jars ready for our next work session this Thurs ie Sept 4th

As weather conditions a little damp we decided not to do more pruning on the bed behind nursery -instead we spent an hour or more pulling out dead foliage amongst the trees in the far copse below the car park-garden waste added to nearby compost pile

When the rain came down a little heavier we went up for our coffee break ie again taken undercover in the nursery playground

Our final job was pruning back the dead flower heads from the buddleias by the shed and starting pulling out foliage near the pond+overhanging the steps- 5 hours later I can still feel the nettle stings!

Several blackbirds and robins were enjoying eating the insects etc we’d uncovered on the paths…

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Feeding wild birds +pruning buddleias and wild rose etc

Thursday August 28th 2014

Arrived school not long after 8am – began filling bird feeders around school wildlife area-soon Colin arrived to help then Rose also joined us…

After we’d sorted the bird food ready for our next work session we set off with tools,gloves etc to work again on the large perennial bed behind the nursery and learning centre where Rose completed pruning the dead flower heads from the buddleias.Colin and I were also busy finishing pruning the huge wild rose in the centre of the bed-have decided this rose will be removed ie roots dug out asap owing to the fact we’ve spent so much time pruning it over last few years!

Coffee break spent sheltering from rain shower ie under cover in the nursery playground!

Next we took wheelbarrow load + 3 large bags of garden waste down to compost pile in far corner of school field

Our final job was more pruning – close to the playground steps  we weeded and pruned shrubs and perennial wallflowers + Colin dug out some brambles

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Waitrose donate £312.00

Thursday August 21st 2014

I collected a cheque for £312.00 from Waitrose -this will really help towards funding our school wildlife area project

Have also since contacted the local Teignmouth store to enquire re the possibility of having a team of Waitrose staff helping our volunteer team at school for a half or full day with tasks ie gardening, woodwork etc

Meeting to discuss this further with Charlotte from Waitrose next week

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Galls,cyclamen,woodpecker nest box plus another busy morning…

Monday August 18th 2014

I was at school for 8am-began by filling bird feeders by shed plus also watered plant pots of wildflowers, perennials and tree saplings near shed

Colin arrived and helped me fill rest of bird feeders plus sort bird food ready for next time

Next after Colin connected the hosepipe I refilled our watering cans+water butts

Up then we went to water fruit,veg and flowers in new raised beds by classrooms – Cath arrived in time to help Colin and I with weeding these raised beds…

Back down to the playground for our coffee/tea break before tackling our main job of morning ..

Cath began to prune the goat willow by the Nursery fence whilst Colin and I tackled pruning an extremely large and very prickly wild rose behind the Nursery+learning centre- our hard work resulting in 5-6 large  green garden bags of waste being taken to compost pile in far corner of school field

Not much time to study wildlife this morning however I remember seeing several robins + blackbirds in the wildlife area plus a dead mouse was floating in one of the watering cans-it’s now been added to a nearby compost bin!

NB We 3 volunteers  shared a few lovely ripe Victoria plums from a tree we planted about 4 years ago in the wildlife area plus Cath and Colin were able to take home some rhubarb and veg from the raised beds

Earlier Colin and I saw gall fruits on the oak tree by the seating near the pond plus Cath said there were galls on the goat willow she was pruning

Lots of pink and white cyclamen flowering amongst the trees in the far copse by the public footpath

On way home via Headway Cross I spotted that one of our woodpecker nestboxes had fallen off tree in school boundary hedge onto hedge bank-box was retrieved ready to return back to school next week!

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Feeding birds ,repairing feeders,watering and weeding etc

Thursday August 14th 2014

At school for 8am I began by filling bird feeders nearest  shed Colin arrived in time to repair sunflower heart feeder+help with filling rest of feeders  and sorting bird food ready for next time

Rose arrived to help – we took 6 watering cans up to the tap by nursery and watered nursery planters, the seat planter plus planters and recently planted perennials at the front of school

“We could do some weeding by nursery” I suggested so Colin,Rose and I began to remove weeds etc-from the nursery outdoor space and nearby area including between the blockwork by the classrooms – 90 mins later job completed!

We managed a coffee break at the seating on the stage alas the covered seating not really waterproof during the heavy showers…

Earlier saw blackbirds and robins in the wildlife area  also numerous butterflies around

NB we have 9 donated planks from old playground seats which we plan use with the 3 we already have to make 2 large raised planters in the wildlife area for growing more wildflowers

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Pruning -goat willow plus buddleias etc

Monday August 4th 2014

Our second work session of the school summer holidays-I began by filling the bird feeders near the shed -Colin arrived in time to help with filling rest of feeders

After sorting bird food ready for next time we took secateurs,gloves,wheelbarrow and our 4 large green garden bags to the large perennial bed behind nursery and our learning centre where Colin and I began to prune back some overgrown goat willow shrubs

A while later Cath arrived to help us with our pruning task plus Cath and Colin took 2 wheelbarrow loads +several green bags full of chopped prunings down to the compost pile in the far corner of the school field

After a coffee break I pruned back the dead flowers from the buddleia by the side of the nursery ie I am hoping this will encourage more flowers…

Cath and Colin were also busy pruning back shrubs overhanging the playground

NB I saw lots of bees + tortoiseshell butterflies on the hebe bush behind nursery

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Watering ,feeding birds and weeding

Thursday July 31st 2014

First work session of summer holidays-arrived school 8am began by watering fruit trees on slope by playground-alas all the fruit has been mysteriously scrumped 6-8 weeks before it was fully ripe….

I also watered all the plants in the nursery outdoor play space

Colin newly returned from 5 weeks holiday arrived to help -he watered the seat planter then helped me water the pots and hebes at the front of school

Rose arrived to help she watered the 2 pots behind the learning centre then helped me water the flower bed by the playground steps

Back next to the wildlife area where we filled the bird feeders around our project site+Colin kindly removed the dangerous stump by the plastic sheeting he also put the dead blackbird in the nearest compost bin!

Rose and I went up the water the fruit and veg garden usually tended by Mrs Frost and the school children

After a well earned coffee break our final job was          weeding/tidying up deceased foliage in the far copse by the public footpath

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