Walk this Way/Walking for Health visitors visit our project site again

Wednesday May 27th 2015

Lovely warm sunny morning for another visit to our school wildlife area for our level 2 walkers from Teignmouth Walk This Way group….

Setting off from the Pier we walked to Bitton House then up through the avenues to Fourth Avenue then on up  Headway Cross Road and the Headway estate to our school ie at the top of Mill Lane

After a quick look at the flower beds at the front of school plus a peek through the gate to view the raised beds area where the children grow veg we toured the wildlife area-a beautiful peaceful haven where greenery,flowers and blossom,butterflies and birdsong were much admired!

Next off to Kingsway for a coffee/hot chocolate at the Pow Wow café before returning home or on to town

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Feeding birds + weeding etc

Bank Holiday Monday May 25th 2015

Colin and I began our work session by filling all the bird feeders around the school wildlife area-after sorting the bird food ready for Thursday we intended re filling the water butts and cans alas not able to as the school water supply was turned off!

Next job was weeding the flower bed on the slope by the boiler house ie by the playground and classrooms-three large garden bags of weeds were removed and added to the compost bins in the wildlife area

This bed looking colourful with hebes+perennial wallflowers,geums,irises and assorted wallflowers in bloom

NB still more weeding on slope to be completed asap

I also watered the hebes and lavenders in the nearby seat planter by the classrooms

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Friends of Eastcliff Park visitors

Thursday May 21st 2015

Back up to school  late afternoon -met with 2 volunteers from Friends of Eastcliff Park with a view to us donating some shrubs and perennials for their project site .

Hopefully we can recycle some of the wonderful planting later in year and early 2016 ie from the perennial bed behind our school nursery/learning centre prior to builders excavating the site ready for building new classrooms…

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Great spotted woodpecker,feeding birds+weeding ,watering and planting native wildflowers

Thursday May 21st 2015

Lovely warm sunny weather -I began by filling all the various bird feeders around the school wildlife area

Rose arrived in time to help plant and water in 7 more new native wildflower plants ie heartsease,teasel,fleabane,field poppy,valerian and catchfly which we planted near the outdoor classroom seating +by the lower path near the ash trees

Next job was more weeding and watering at the front of school + Rose planted 20 new gladioli bulbs-a bargain 50p from Jack’s Patch!

Back to the wildlife area for a late and very welcome coffee break-lots of wildlife around ie  GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER,noisy starlings+ blackbirds,robins, sparrows, woodpigeons,magpies,long tailed tits etc

Also saw lots of bees + large and small white butterflies,holly blue  butterflies+several specked wood butterflies

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More planting in wet weather+feeding birds…

Monday May 18th 2015

Mornings work began with more grey and damp weather-Colin and I started by filling all the bird feeders around our project site ie the school wildlife area

Next job was more planting in the flower bed in the car park-we planted iris bulbs +verbena bonariensis,aquilegias,lavenders and more polyanthus transplanted from the bed behind nursery

NB beds at front of school looking very colourful with lots of iris, alliums, wallflowers etc in flower

Also planted lots of st john’s wort ie from my allotment into the wildlife area

Several new blooms seen in the wildlife area this morning-red flowered horse chestnut,rowan tree blossom,medlar tree blossom,pink and white wild rose flowers,white+small purple flowered cranesbills

Birds seen this morning included sparrows,chaffinch,robin, blackbirds, crows,wood pigeons and male bullfinch

Also noticed lots of almonds and cherries now developing on our trees in the wildlife area

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Feeding birds + transplanting perennials in the rain!

Thursday May 14th 2015

Rose and I both got rather wet at our work session in the school wildlife area and school grounds this morning…

Began as usual by filling bird feeders+sorting food ready for Monday’s session-Rose kindly had been shopping and brought more mealworms,suet pellets,fat balla and squares

The only other job we managed today was transplanting some lavender, cranesbills and yellow loosestrife which we planted in the flower beds at the front of school

By then we were soaked through however we  managed to find sitting space in our shed for a long and early coffee break!

Lots of birdsong heard this morning plus we saw blackbirds and robins +a grey squirrel

Reminder-due to recent rain  we have lots of weeding needing to be done asap on the flower beds at front of school+we need to survey the large perennial bed behind nursery/learning centre and decide what requires moving urgently,what can be potted on and what cuttings can be taken before the area has new classrooms built on it in 2016!

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Fox and cubs,feeding birds,transplanting polyanthus etc

Monday May 11th 2015

Colin and I began our work session by filling the bird feeders in and around our school wildlife area

Second job was transplanting a wheelbarrow load of polyanthus plants-Colin dug them up from the large perennial bed behind nursery/learning centre where there are more classrooms due to be built in 2016.Colin and I planted the polyanthus between the daffodils we’d recently planted in the flower bed in the car park at the front of school-we also did some weeding on this bed+planted some perennial daisies donated by Mrs Frost

NB probably still another wheelbarrow load of polyanthus plants to be moved asap!

Lots of birdsong in the wildlife area this morning + we saw a jay, starlings, blackbirds, robins …..

NB back at home have potted up 2 trays of orange hawkweed/fox and cubs ie self seeded wildflower plants ready to take up to plant in the school wildlife area asap!

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