Feeding birds,weeding,planting more wildflowers,gate repair etc

Thursday March 26th 2015

Began by filling bird feeders-put out extra  food as not in next Monday-Rose arrived to help me sort food for next session on Thursday next week

First gardening job was planting and watering in more wild foxgloves plants (from my garden) which are now near the new daffodils below the far steps

Time for a coffee break  then off to do more weeding-I was busy weeding out nettles from the slope below the shed and the main grassy area between the 2 paths whilst Rose was busy weeding out alexanders +pruning brambles from the native hedge near the wildlife pond

Mike from the learning centre came down to chat -the workshop he planned in the wildlife area for parents and toddlers  today has been postponed till after Easter – date yet to be confirmed

Children and parents from Mr Ball’s class (after morning break) came down into the wildlife area with Woodland Trust print offs re looking for signs of Spring ie primroses,snowdrops etc

NB the snowdrop flowers are now over and the frogspawn in the neighbours pond appears to have hatched!

Finally Rose’s husband Brian came with tools to put a new padlock fitting on the other pond gate for us

Lots of birdsong heard this morning also lovely colourful  display of almond tree blossom,snowflakes, primroes,daffodilds,scillas etc

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Feeding birds,planting wildflowers,weeding etc

Monday March 23rd 2015

Took longer than usual to fill bird feeders around school wildlife area as I was busy fitting new waterproof covers to the feed trays…

After sorting bird food ready for next work session I  planted the potted arum lily at the edge of the pond-also attempted dig up the marsh marigolds/kingcups which are flowering on a nearby compost heap by the pond fence-not very successful as foliage quite tender nevertheless have transferred one marsh marigold back into the wildlife pond!

Cath arrived to join me for a coffee/tea break after which we planted some wildflowers ie foxgloves,st john’s wort,primroses etc in and around the new daffodils below the far steps

Later I weeded out more nettles on the grassy area between the 2 main paths whilst Cath weeded out more alexanders from behind the shed

Lots of birds seen and heard this morning-magpies,wood pigeons, robins, blackbirds,thrush,bluetits,greenfinches,dunnocks etc

Also spotted the 2nd bumble bee of the year…

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Feeding birds,fritillaries,weeding,shed tidying etc

Thursday March 19th 2015

I arrived 8.30am -began with the usual first job ie filling bird feeders around school wildlife area +sorting bird food for next work session on Monday-Rose arrived in time to help with refilling bird food jars

Next job was round at the front of school-Rose planted a plant she’d brought from her garden +we both weeded the first of the 5 flower beds-wheelbarrow load of garden waste added to the compost bins behind the learning centre

Time then for our well deserved coffee break-taken on one of the benches along the top path in the wildlife area

Mr Ball and 2 teaching assistants brought a class of children down into the wildlife area- after a game the children were given activity sheets to help them look for signs of spring ie primroses,catkins etc

Keith the caretaker kindly oiled a padlock which was jammed + he gave me a new padlock for the other  pond gate-Rose’s husband hopefully will fix a new gate fitting for this padlock next Thursday

Lots of lovely fritillaries( to the right of the pallet compost bins) starting to come into flower

Our storage shed is very much in need of a good tidy up-Rose and I made a start on this task this morning!


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Cirl bunting,willow warblers,goldfinches,greenfinches,wren etc

Monday March 16th 2015

At school for 8.30am- began by filling birdfeeders + sorted food for next work session on Thursday

Cath arrived in time to help me with adding some fallen small branches/twigs to the woodpiles -we also  added more twigs and a couple of signs to the small mammal/insect shelters made some years ago from recycled pallets

We saw a lovely cirl bunting in the far copse below the car park-Cath also heard a wren+willow warblers in the school wildlife area+greenfinches, goldfinches,robins, blackbirds,magpies, and herring gull seen this morning

We spent the rest of the morning working on the large perennial bed behind nursery and the learning centre-4 large evergreen shrubs were pruned-3 huge wheelbarrow loads of garden waste taken to compost pile at far corner of school field


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Feeding birds+marsh marigolds,plum tree blossom,planting native primroses,digging out alexanders etc

Thursday March 12th 2015

Began as usual by filling bird feeders around school wildlife area-Rose arrived in time to help me with sorting bird food ready for Monday’s work session

Next we pulled out some tree roots which were a trip hazard on the paths-still awaiting delivery of free tree chippings for our very muddy pathways….

I went off to dig up some native primroses from the bed behind the nursery and the area by the playground steps-Rose and I replanted these primroses on the large grassy area between the 2 main paths

Rest of morning spent digging out lots more alexanders from near the outdoor classroom seating and the wildlife pond fence areas

We observed that there is now blackthorn blossom in flower by the pond plus a nearby plum tree has blossom and the flowering currant near the shed has flowers open

Birds seen in the wildlife area this morning included lots of blackbirds plus sparrows,robins,goldfinch,chaffinch,herring gull,wood pigeon and collared doves

Marsh marigold flowers in the pond are starting to open+ a clump of marsh marigolds weeded out of the pond and added to a nearby compost pile over the fence late last year have survived and are starting to flower!

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Feeding birds+weeding out more nettles and alexanders

Monday March 9th 2015

Amazing amount of colourfull daffodils,primroses,violets,snowdrops,violets, celendines and almond blossom seen in flower in and around the school wildlife area this morning

I began by filling all the bird feeders around our project site+sorted the bird food ready for the next work session on Thursday-Cath arrived in time to clean out and refill our 2 water dishes we have for the birds

I spent rest of morning pulling out more nettles growing on the large grassy area between the 2 main paths whilst Cath dug out more alexanders from the slope below the classroom windows where I was working last Thursday-all garden waste ie 3 large tubs full added to compost bins and piles

Lots of birds seen this morning at school -herring gull+goldfinches,coaltits, robins, starlings,blackbirds, magpies,bluetits,great tits and chaffinches

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Frogspawn,woodpecker drumming,feeding birds,digging out alexanders etc

Thursday March 5th 2015

Caretaker brought 3 boxes of peanuts, sunflower hearts and mixed bird seed to our shed for me ie I’d ordered it on line from Food for Birds

Rose and I filled the bird feeders around the school wildlife area

Next job was digging and pulling out lots of alexanders-we’ve been trying for over 10 years to stop this plant from spreading everywhere alas with limited success!

Accepted a donation of frogspawn from a lady I know who had found frogspawn in a container in her garden-as we had none in our pond this year we were glad to receive some from elsewhere….

Put 3 new laminated sign on the woodpiles as rain had got in the previous ones-must remember to make 2 signs for our minibeast shelters made from pallets ie information for the school children and staff

Around 9am heard very loud drumming on a nearby tree-probably a great spotted woodpecker attracting a mate or marking his territory….

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