Feeding birds,transplanting perennial+weather curtailed work session again!

Monday December 1st 2015

Arrived school before 8.30am and began to fill bird feeders around our project site-Colin arrived in time to help with this task +we then re filled the bird food box ready for Thursday

Next job was digging up a large perennial echium from the bed behind nursery-this we took round to the front of school-after removing weeds we divided it and replanted the 5 sections around the nearby flower beds .

After a coffee break we packed up and headed for our homes due to the return of drizzly weather again…!

Wildlife spotted this morning included robins,blackbirds,collared doves, dunnocks, goldfinches and long tailed tits



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Feeding birds+more weeding/annual clearing etc

Monday November 23rd 2015

Chilly,dry and sunny morning-soon got warm as journey to school is uphill +45 steps and then up and down around the wildlife area filling the bird feeders-had to repair both peanut feeds as damaged by squirrels again!

 Colin arrived to help but unwell so went back home…

I spent the rest of the morning clearing more of the nettles and other vegetation from the large grassy area between the 2 main pathways

NB the missing wire ball peanut feeder has been found -was attached to a tree about 50 metres from where it should have been….

A couple of grey squirrels seen this morning plus crows,blackbirds, bluetits,great tits, robins,dunnocks,goldfinches and hedge sparrows

NB unable to work in our school wildlife area as usual this Thursday as will be busy at a training session for Teignmouth Learning Centre Trustees



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Rain and muddy paths = bad weather which resulted in not a lot of work achieved this morning!

Thursday November  19th 2015

Arrived school around 8.30am  as usual -began by filling bird feeders around our school wildlife area project site-the round peanut feeder is still missing+also discovered the essential base of a niger seed feeder was now missing-thankfully found it later 20 metres away on seat!

Rose arrived soon after 9am in time to help me refill the bird food box ready for next week-alas by this time the rain was falling heavier so we retreated to the shed for an early coffee break…

Watched a grey squirrel gorging itself on our peanut feeders-decided to repair damage squirrel had caused to feeder by putting more nails in feeder to make mesh more secure!

Shop bought insect shelter box near outdoor classroom seating discarded as it’s been destroyed over the years by weather + woodlice….

Thankyou to Rose for bring some home made fat squares and a spiky perennial plant for the front of school flower beds

NB have lent our wheelbarrow to Pauline a friend and neighbour-she will return it on Monday morning .

Due to worsening weather decided to curtail our work session around 10am -no point in us getting even wetter plus the pathways are dangerously slippy!                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Feeding birds,moving compost bins+pruning tree and removing large hawthorn also UK native violets and primroses blooming in November

Monday November 16th 2015

Colin and I filled  the bird feeders in and around our school wildlife area stopping off on the way round our project site to empty,move and refill 4 plastic compost bins which we rehomed nearby ie to make way for when Mr Ball puts up the tarpaulin sheet for a wet weather shelter ie in the copse by the wildlife pond….

After this heavy work we were much in need of a coffee break..

When refreshed and recovered we went back down to the copse with saws-lower branches on small tree pruned and tall hawthorn removed to make room for the tarpaulin-all branches added to woodpiles and the natural barriers near our fritillary plants!

Grey squirrel +blackbirds,robins and goldfinch seen this morning+we also have UK native violets and primroses in bloom near the shed

NB the circular mesh peanut  feeder has disappeared from the tree behind the outdoor classroom seating?

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Feeding birds+ weeding,pruning and planting….

Thursday November 12th 2015

Began 8.30am by filling all the bird feeders in and around our school wildlife area ie our project site

Rose arrived in time to help fill the food box ready for next Monday’s work session-she also brought some bird food I’d asked her to purchase

Next job was spreading 3 bags of dry leaves along the muddy part of the lower pathway also Rose planted the hedge saplings from the Woodland Trust in 4 pots-we hope to be able to plant them around the  wildlife area as soon as we’ve finished the autumn tidying….

Next off to dig up the rest of the polyanthus from the bed behind nursery-we replanted them in the flower beds at the front of school where we also did some more weeding!

Robins,blackbirds and collared doves seen in the wildlife area also a grey squirrel greedily “attacking” the peanut feeders!

Mr Ball brought a class of children into the wildlife area after morning break -they were very busy gathering ingredients to make a fairy drink…

Mr Ball is going to attach a large tarpaulin to the trees in the copse by the pond to make a wet weather shelter for the classes -our volunteer team will also appreciate somewhere to shelter in heavy rain!!!

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Feeding birds,repairing bird feeders+replanting holly tree etc

Monday November 9th 2015

Dry weather this morning but recent rains meant all too wet for weeding and more autumn/annual clearing

I began by filling the various bird feeders around our project site-Colin arrived to help -he kindly repaired a peanut feeder which had been badly damaged by squirrels chewing through the wire

Next decided to have an early coffee  break and catch up as Colin has been away since end of September….

We then went off with tools to dig up a 7-8 foot tall holly bush from the bed behind the nursery-this we replanted in the wildlife area near the trees below the far steps-hopefully the holly will cope with being uprooted and replanted!

Needed another rest and coffee after our exertions…

Hopefully we’ll get some dryer weather soon to allow us to finsh our annual tidy up ie removing grasses,nettles etc which we usually manage to do before Christmas every year….

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Feeding birds+moving leaves and compost in damp November weather!

Thursday November 5th 2015

Just me working in school grounds this morning in somewhat yukky damp November weather….

Began by filling all our bird feeders in and around the school wildlife area ie our main project site

Caretaker told me there were plenty of leaves in the car park so off I went with wheelbarrow etc

Filled the 2 nearby compost bins with lots of the wet eaves then collected a barrow load +a large garden bag of leaves which I wheeled back to the wildlife area-have added these leaves to the pallet compost bins in the copse near the pond

Final job was moving one of the green plastic compost bins from the copse -have put it near the red flowered horse chestnut tree ie as a barrier!

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