Feeding birds,repairing wheelbarrow tyre,planting wildflower plants,watering, putting new hedgehog shelter in place….

Monday December 5th 2016

Dull, dry  but thankfully not frosty weather this morning…

I arrived at school before 8.30am and for my first job I refilled all the bird feeders around  our school wildlife area project site….

Next after sorting out the bird food box ready for Thursday’s work session I took a wheelbarrow load of plants I’d brought from home down the steps to replant in our new raised planter near the wildlife pond + I also replanted 4 small holly saplings just below the top path…

Chris arrived shortly afterwards he fitted another tie to the apple tree + repaired the tyre on our second wheelbarrow-thanks Chris for buying a new inner tube!

Meanwhile I was busy watering in all the newly planted wildflowers + the willow dome and the small hollies as well as all the planted pots near the shed…

Chris decided to investigate the inside of the shed-we rediscovered the bought hedgehog shelter in the back of the shed….Chris tacked some lino to it’s roof before we took it down the steps to below the birch tree by the pond -we’ve  set it upon stones to help protect it from the weather + I put some dried leaves inside as we’re hoping to attract hibernating hedgehogs ….

Chris also managed to separate all the spare plastic tubs in the shed -a task Colin, Rose and I had failed at-we are hoping to store our bird food ie mixed seed /suet pellets/niger seed/peanuts and sunflower hearts in these tubs in future in a bid to be more tidy!

The nursery staff brought the nursery children through the wildlife area then later a small group from the reception class also came to explore-also as we were leaving around 11.30 am staff and older children arrived to do a maths exercise re measuring the height and age of trees!

Native wildlife seen this morning included a grey squirrel, blackbirds, robins and bluetits…


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Very frosty weather for our volunteer gardening session this morning!

Thursday December 1st 2016

I managed to take a small trough and 2 pots of wildflowers from home up to school this morning  ready for planting up our new raised planter-still lots more wildflower plants to transport up to school ie hopefully before Christmas break…

Weather frosty and extremely chilly nevertheless on arrival at school I started by refilling all our bird feeders around the wildlife area-lots of wild birds around ie a thrush + blackbirds, robins, sparrows, chaffinch, goldfinch and bluetits etc

Rose arrived in time to help me finish refilling the bird food box ready for next week

I did a little tidying in our storage shed whilst Rose watered the nearby plant pots

We then needed a warming coffee + biscuits….after this Rose pruned back more of the buddleijas by the shed whilst I cleared more of the undergrowth on the slope below the shed-it was so cold working with wet gloves I had to stop after filling 3 large garden bags-all waste added to various compost bins

The nursery staff  brought the nursery children down to look at the ice on our wildlife pond….

Rose took some prunings off the purple flowered perennial wallflower growing on the bed in the playground-she has planted the cuttings in some of the pots at the front of school…



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Feeding birds,watering plant pots,re supporting the apple tree,reinflating wheelbarrow tyre,making flat pack raised planting bed,emptying compost bin and clearing grassy slope!

Monday November 28th 2016

What a busy morning we had at school today …

Thankfully dry and sunny weather though somewhat chilly and breezy!

Whilst awaiting Colin’s arrival I watered the planted container at the front of school-after signing in we went to our project site ie the school wildlife area where Colin watered the pots near the shed and I refilled the nearby bird feeders..

We then went down the steps to fill the remaining bird feeders-Chris arrived to help -he and Colin did a good job of fitting a more secure support to the apple tree by the lower path ie near the ash trees…

Chris also brought his pump from home and was able to reinflate the wheelbarrow tyre

Next job was making up the flat pack wooden raised bed I’d bought a few years ago -it easily slotted together then Colin and I took it down the steps to a flat area near the pond and outdoor classroom seating area

Colin and Chris  emptied the compost bin near the shed -this bin hadn’t ever been emptied so after almost 12 years there was some really good homemade compost -this was taken in about 4 barrow loads down to our new planter where it was mixed with about 6 bags of garden soil-I will take some wildflower plants from home to plant up this container hopefully on Thursday!

By then we needed our well deserved coffee and biscuits..

Chris also tried to repair another wheelbarrow tyre alas the inner tube was rotted however he’s hoping to be able to get a replacement asap

Our final job was annual autumnal clearing on  the large grassy slope below the shed using various methods ie pulling out ,shearing and raking which resulted in lots more garden waste being added to our compost bins!

NB Really must tidy our storage shed asap as there’s so much in it it’s  difficult to find things quickly!

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Feeding birds and pulling out nettles….

Thursday November 24th 2016

Dry but chilly windy weather today…

Just me working in our school wildlife area this morning-after filling all the bird feeders I spent an hour pulling out lots of nettles from the grassy area between the 2 main paths-garden waste added to the compost bins as usual…

Nursery staff and children came through the wildlife area again this morning.

NB we have had a large bag of mixed bird seed + some peanuts donated to our school wildlife area project by one of our school parents.


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Heavy and continual rain overnight and in morning…

Monday 21st November 2016

Contacted Colin and Chris to cancel our planned work session due to appalling weather conditions….

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No work this morning….

Thursday November 17th 2016

Alas didn’t go up to school today due to damp drizzle weather…

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Filling bird feeders,clearing duckweed from pond,clearing brambles and looking for slow worms etc

Monday November 14th 2016

Beautiful sunny Autumn morning for this morning’s work session-I watered the pots and planters at the front of school then when Colin arrived we went to the school wildlife area where we refilled all the bird feeders

When Chris arrived he took a large net and went down to the wildlife pond to scoop out a lot of the duckweed which floats on the pond surface…

Meanwhile Colin and I started to clear the brambles by the fence near the houses ie below the playground-Chris came to help us move the many large stones and broken paving slabs-we have put these near the pond ie inside the fence as a wildlife habitat for newts, frogs and toads…

We then gently rolled back the huge sheets of black plastic which was spread under the stones-we were hoping to find and relocate lots of slow worms alas there were none at all-presumably they’d already moved to the compost bins for the winter !

Time then for our well deserved coffee break…

Lots of squirrels and robins seen in the wildlife area this morning..

Earlier Mr Ball and other staff brought a group of nursery children through the wildlife area-they were on their way up to the area by the classrooms where the children grow vegetables and flowers in raised beds…

On the way out of school we put a bin liner full of black plastic in the school bins-the larger sheeting we’ve left folded up until  the school next has a skip or maybe we’ll cut it up for the bin over the next few weeks…

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