Feeding birds,repairing seat shelter again,weeding out Alexander’s and nettles etc

Thursday March 22nd 2018

Great to be back working in the school wildlife area this morning ie unable to work last Monday due to SNOW !

Rose and I at school by 8.15am… we began work by refilling all the many bird feeders around our project site …

Next task was repairing again the seat shelter by the willow dome …this time we used longer nails and rope!

We also swept the pond boardwalk and collected a large bag full of footballs,tennis balls and other PE equipment which had been thrown ..mostly into thick brambles…over the 8 foot fence in the playground…

After our coffee break we spent another hour digging and weeding out another 4 large  bags of unwanted Alexander’s and nettles…

I also watered the new cuttings in the willow dome..

NB there are marsh marigold in flower in our wildlife pond.



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Feeding birds and scattering wild flower seeds

Thursday March 15th 2018

Just me working up at school in the wildlife area this morning…after heavy rain yesterday afternoon and evening the ground was too wet to do much work …

However I did pop up there for 90 minutes ..after feeding the birds I decided to scatter a few packets of wildflower seeds around on some of the grassy areas ie cornflower,wild marjoram,corn marigold,ox eye daisies,bird’s foot trefoil,teasel,honesty,yarrow and foxgloves..

Had a closer look at the frogspawn in the wildlife pond …still not sure if it’s live or not so will check again next week…

Spotted 2 more flowers in bloom ie scillas and almond tree blossom

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Feeding birds,finding frogspawn,repairing seat shelter,moving branches onto wood pile and finishing tidying shed!

Monday March 12th 2018

Dry and mild but rather overcast weather today…

I arrived at school by 8.30am and began by starting to refill the bird feeders in the two areas nearest the shed…after about 10 minutes Colin arrived to help so we carried on filling the remaining bird feeders around the school wildlife area….

NB we stopped to look closely at the pond and were surprised to see we actually have some frogspawn at last !

Back to the shed where we took out lots of things so that Colin could move the shredder and far cupboard around…now we can actually see and use what’s in the second cupboard …

Chris arrived to help …he went off to repair the seat shelter by the willow dome…Colin went to help for a while then went off to start moving the pile of cut tree branches (in the far copse ) onto a new woodpile ie more great wildlife habitat!

Meanwhile I was having a great time finally finishing tidying our storage shed…even managing to throw out several unwanted broken containers which are now in the rubbish skip….

Chris was unable to repair the broken “outdoor classroom “ seat today…however he’s going to find out the cost of some strong wood he needs to complete the job…

Chris and I went to help Colin finish  making the new woodpile in the copse then we stopped for our very well earned refreshment break!

NB we saw another beautiful male bullfinch on the feeders by the ash tree again.

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Clearing more branches,feeding birds,shed tidying,planting wildflowers etc

Thursday March 8th 2018

Rose and I both arrived at school  8.15am…earlier than usual this morning…

Lovely sunny and dry weather…we began work by refilling all the various bird feeders around the school wildlife area then sorted the bird food ready for next week’s work sessions..

Next job was clearing more branches and twigs onto the woodpiles…spent about 40 minutes on the task…

Roly has taken the whole of the large weather damaged tree down with a chainsaw since Monday …leaving a pile of cut logs plus two piles of branches….we moved one pile of branches to a woodpile ie making excellent wildlife habitat…the other larger pile we’ll move next week!

After our coffee break we did more shed tidying …mainly the small boxes on the metal shelves and buckets which have small hand tools plus wire,string, pencils,pens etc…even managed to throw a few small things in the bin!

Our last job was planting 5 more wildflower plants ie oxslip, scabious, sneezewort and  2 knapweeds.




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Feeding birds and clearing up after recent stormy weather

Monday March 5th 2018

Grey drizzly weather forecasted however we still needed to go up to school for our volunteers wildlife area  work session ie to feed the birds and check recent storm damage!

School head unavailable as in meeting plus Jon B not arrived so I mentioned tree damage to Maggie F ..advising that children don’t go in wildlife area until tree branch cut off and area made safe!

Into the wildlife area next where I began to refill the bird feeders… soon Colin arrived to help me…

As we went around our project site we could see that the recent strong winds etc had caused quite a substantial amount of damage ie lots of fallen branches from small to extremely large ones broken or hanging off…

After sorting the bird food ready for our next work session Colin and I went off to start clearing the fallen branches onto our woodpiles…we were working in the copse by the wildlife pond when Chris arrived to help us…

By the time we’d arrived at the other copse where I was showing Chris the damaged cherry tree Roly arrived to check out the tree damage…

Thankfully he’s a trained tree surgeon with correct H&S chain saw and protective helmet,footwear etc …

Whilst Roly was out on the footpath trimming back the cherry branch we were picking up more smaller fallen branches and also sawing up some larger ones fallen from a different tree…

Chris checked out our other storm damage ie broken outdoor classroom seating bench plus really bent metalwork on our covered seating by the willow dome…Chris will repair them next Monday weather permitting!

After our coffee break we left school a little earlier than usual due to damp weather….however we stopped to saw up some other branches blocking the pathway lower down than the cherry tree…have thrown branches over fence in to wildlife area and will add to our woodpiles asap.







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Winds,snow and icy weather cause tree damage in school wildlife area..

Saturday March 3rd 2018

After snow lying for two days it started to thaw today…

I received a message and 2 photos from Mike -an ex wildlife area volunteer -to inform me re recent weather causing tree damage in school wildlife area…

My daughter and I went up to investigate and check re H&S issues

Very large thick branch splitting off tall cherry tree…caused by recent strong winds plus weight of snow and ice…

Branch now leaning and resting on holly,laurel and the fence by public footpath…fortunately path passable..

Rang Roly TCS groundsman to inform + sent 4  pictures taken by my daughter..

Also texted Mark school caretaker with info re what I’d seen etc

Emailed TCS Mill Lane head and Jon B (teacher responsible for outdoor learning) with info + photos re tree damage.

NB I refilled a few of the bird feeders in the sch wildlife area plus noticed that high winds plus snow and icy have squished the frame on our lovely covered seat by the willow dome!




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Arrival of forecasted snow!

Thursday March 1st 2018

We cancelled the work session due to storm and heavy snow due!

Oh how I wish I’d gone up to fill the bird feeders yesterday …alas the forecasted snow arrived….

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