Sunny warm morning for feeding birds,weeding and planting etc

Thursday April 28th 2016

Arriving at school before 8am now the weather is warmer-I began as usual by filling all the bird food and water containers plus sorting the bird food box ready for next week’s work session…

Rose arrived to help around 9am after a chat we went down to clear more alexanders from just past the willow dome -still lots more nearby yet to clear-3 wheelbarrow loads of garden waste added to the compost pallet bins in the copse

After a coffee break we had a go at re fixing the wobbly lower end of the handrail by the steps below our shed-we dug out more earth + added quick setting dry cement mix ,water and stones around the wooden post

Finally we packed up and headed to the front of school -Rose  watered some  of the planters before leaving whilst I had to go back to the shed in the wildlife area to put away  4 heavy boxes of bird food(peanuts/mixed seed/suet pellets/sunflower hearts)thankfully Keith the caretaker helped by transporting 3 of the boxes!

Before I left school I planted an echium in the flower bed in the car park + did some weeding

NB Staff brought a class of children to explore the wildlife area after the morning break

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Feeding birds,watering plant pots,refilling water butts and removing more alexanders!

Monday April 25th 2016

I was at school early this morning so had finished filling the bird feeders + sorting the bird food box ready for Thursday’s work session before Colin arrived to help.

Next I watered all the wildflowers and perennials in pots by the shed + the seat planter by the classrooms whilst Colin was busy attaching the hose pipe so we could refill the water butts and watering cans-problem with water flow eventually sorted re removal of damaged area of pipe then re attachment !

Time then for an early coffee break and catch up…

Noticed  the builders had arrived to prepare the school grounds for building work -we spoke to the site manager who along with a work colleague is an ex Inverteign pupil-they are going to dig up some of the hollies,a yew, phormiums,fig tree etc for us and another volunteer run gardening project!

Final job was removing more unwanted alexanders from the slope below our shed ie before the flowers turn to seed…

NB Another sign of “murder” in the school wildlife area ie lots of pigeon feathers near the shed again- possibly pigeon killed and plucked by a bird of prey ?

Also just before we left this morning the nursery class children came down to explore the wildlife area with their teacher and assistants

Numerous birds seen and heard this morning in and around our school wildlife area ie blackbirds,robins,sparrows,great tits ,wood pigeons etc




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Feeding birds,planting wildflowers,transplanting polyanthus,clearing alexanders + watering pots etc

Thursday April 21st 2016

Lovely sunny springtime weather -I began by filling bird feeders -Rose arrived in time to help..

Off then to put some ribbon markers on the phormims,hollies,fig tree etc we’d like to save from the perennial bed behind nursery-am hoping to persuade building site manager to have them dug up for us!

We also rescued more polyanthus seedlings from this bed-surely there can’t be any more we’ve missed!

Next Rose refilled the birds water dishes and then watered all the flower pots near the shed whilst I was busy planting new wildflower plants ie cornflower,mullein,clary ,mallow and harebell

We then spent an hour pulling up huge amounts of unwanted alexanders in the wildlife area ie before they spread more seed everywhere-garden waste added to our compost bins…

Finally after a well deserved coffee break we packed up and headed to the front of school where we watered all the pots and large wooden planters




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Feeding birds,clearing more alexanders + another new volunteer visits

Monday 18th April 2016

At school before 8.30am I  started filling bird feeders-Colin arrived in time to help me  with this job

Colin then re filled the water butts whilst I went to the front of school to meet Anya from Teignbridge Volunteer Centre and Joseph -he would like to join our volunteer team-after showing Anya and Joseph around our project site we sat down for a coffee and chat-I took our visitors into school to find out more about the DBS security check needed before Joseph can start to help us

Colin and I later spent an hour clearing more unwanted alexanders from the bank behind the outdoor classroom seating area!


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Feeding birds + transplanting more perennials also peacock butterfly,cowslips,dog violets etc

Thursday April 14 th 2016

At school by 8.30 am began as usual by filling bird feeders in and around our project site-Rose arrived in time to help me finish this job

After sorting the bird food ready for next week we had an early coffee break and catch up in the spring sunshine-noticed a lot more growth/increase of greenery and native wildflowers since last Thursday….

Main job was digging up more perennials from the large planted area behind nursery -I also dug up a self seeded holly and a wheelbarrow load of home made compost – meanwhile Rose was busy potting up all the plants we’d saved!

School head told me that the builders are arriving tomorrow ready to prepare the site prior to building more classrooms therefore alas we’re unable to save anymore plants…..

We saw our first 2016 peacock butterfly in the school wildlife area + new flowers blooming in April  include dog violets and cowslips…

After morning break Mr Ball brought a class of children into the wildlife area to explore the area for signs of spring ie using magnifying glasses and Woodland Trust laminated identification sheets


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Work session cancelled but annoyingly weather forecast wrong…..

2Monday April 11th 2016

Due to personal commitments and heavy rain being forecasted yesterday for this morning I reluctantly cancelled today’s work session…

Alas I spent morning making phone calls and waiting all day for important return call which didn’t happen then of course the weather was warm and sunny throughout the day!!!

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Working alone – feeding birds+ removing alexanders,taking more cuttings etc

Thursday April 7th 2016

Second week of school Easter break -just me working in our project site ie the wildlife area this morning

Began as usual by filling the various  of bird feeders with peanuts,niger seed,mixed seed,sunflower hearts,suet pellets,fat balls and fat squares…

I pruned more cuttings ie fuschias,hebes,forsythia and flowering currant etc from the shrubs on the perennial bed behind nursery -I replanted these cuttings around the wildlife pond and below the far steps and lower pathway near the ash trees

Also I removed lots more of the many alexander plants growing throughout our project site ie before they set seed and increase further-still need to remove more asap!

 I also scattered  some more poppy seeds and mixed wildflower seeds around the grassy area below the top path

Noticed we have lots more spring flowers blooming especially daffodils,bluebells and primroses

As the weather warms there is  a greater diversity of native wildflowers appearing

Lots of birdlife also seen and heard

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