Feeding birds,repairing handrail + weeding out alexander plants…

Monday March 20th 2017

Grey then drizzly weather with heavier rain due mid morning-I arrived just after 8am and began by starting to re fill the bird feeders within our project site….Colin arrived about 20 minutes later to help me…

After refilling the main bird food box ready for Thursday’s work session Colin went down to try to dig out some of the  marsh marigolds which are flowering on the compost pile-he managed to move 3 plants back into the pond!

Chris arrived around 9am he worked with Colin on the steps below the shed removing the handrail then cementing in the posts he’d donated from home-these have metal spikes so hopefully the wood won’t rot so easily…

Meanwhile I was busy pulling out lots of unwanted alexander plants from below and behind the shed resulting in 4 or 5 large bags of garden waste being added to our compost pile…

Earlier the nursery class children and staff came into the wildlife area….

I noticed this morning that we now have cherry, plum, apple and pear tree blossom starting to flower on some of the fruit trees in the wildlife area…

After our coffee break we packed up our tools etc and left the school grounds around 11am-alexander plant weeding and handrail repair to be completed during future work sessions!


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Feeding birds,protecting new wildflower plants,digging out more alexanders,planting native UK hedge saplings + tales of our school children sampling and enjoying freshly cooked edible nettles

Thursday March 16th 2017

Grey, overcast weather with low cloud this morning nevertheless Rose and I still enjoyed our morning’s work at school-Rose arrived in time to help me finish filling the bird feeders + refilling the birds food box ready for Monday’s work session..

Our next job was planting 3 packs of native UK hedge saplings from the Woodland Trust ie mainly alongside the top path with a few  below the lower path.

Rose brought some foxglove plants from home -these she planted above the top path

After discovering cats and possible squirrels have been digging up recently planted UK native wildflower plants in the raised bed near the pond Rose fitted some netting to deter further damage!

We have also been  pruning back a wild rose shrub by the top path plus also again were busy digging out more unwanted alexander plants….

Nursery staff and children were down exploring the wildlife area this morning-Mr B the teacher responsible for outdoor learning was telling us about some of our schoolchildren recently sampling and enjoying freshly cooked nettles with herbs!

The wildlife area looking stunning as usual at this time of year with lots of glorious daffodils, crocus, primroses and fritillaries now in flower ….


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Feeding birds,planting wildflower plants,aspen tree catkins + repairing seat…

Monday March 13th 2017

Another lovely sunny spring morning alas only able to do a little work as I had to leave early for another appointment…

At school for 8.30am -managed to fill the bird feeders and sort the bird food box by 9am then just time enough to plants the 6 pots of native UK wildflower plants I bought yesterday at RHS Rosemoor – scabious, knapweed, ragged robin ,sneezewort, bladder campion and clary all now added to other wildflowers growing  in the raised bed near the wildlife pond…

I noticed the seat with the new shelter ie by the willow dome was broken-thankfully Chris arrived to help -we made the seat safer by removing rotten wood and sliding in new posts underneath so now hopefully the seat is more secure/level + Chris fitted some plastic rope to make the plastic shelter cover more secure…

Time for a quick coffee before we left our project site ie the school wildlife area

Nursery class children and staff came down into the wildlife area as usual just after 9am

NB Chris brought 4 large wooden posts from home which he’ll use to repair the handrail by the steps asap

NB I noticed an incredible amount of aspen tree catkins which have fallen on the pathways in the far copse at the far end of our school wildlife area ie below the car park

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Tidying around fruit trees + feeding birds etc

Thursday March 9th 2017

At school by 8.30am I began by filling the bird feeders in and around the school wildlife area – Rose arrived in time to help with refilling the bird food box

Next for our main job of the morning pulling out the grass around the 13 fruit trees on the grassy slope by the playground + pruning off the suckers on the rootstock stems on a few of the fruit trees = another bag of garden waste added to our compost bins…

Nursery class children and staff were exploring in the wildlife area again this morning….

NB Our free packs of hedge saplings from the Woodland Trust which arrived this week have been watered and stored safely until we plant them out asap-2 cardboard boxes added to our compost bins

Rose transplanted more crocus, primroses and iris off the old flower bed in the playground

New flower seen today was a lovely blue scilla in flower by the steps nearest our storage shed

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Feeding birds,pulling out alexanders+ repairing handrail…

Monday March 6th 2017

Showers forecasted however Colin, Chris and I still turned up for our work session…

I started by filling the bird feeders Colin arrived in time to help me finish task then around 9am Chris arrived to help us…

Chris had brought dry cement plus tools to repair the handrail below the shed-meanwhile I was busy working on the steep slope below the shed pulling out unwanted alexander plants resulting in 3 more large garden bags of waste being added to our compost bins..

Eventually the chaps decided that new posts were needed for the handrail-Chris is going to bring more wood from home next week

Time for our coffee break next-however the seat under our new shelter needs levelling asap-another task for the men in our team?

Nursery class and staff were down in the wildlife area for their usual early morning outdoor learning session

Lots of birdlife seen and heard this morning ie chaffinch, sparrows, blackbirds, robins etc

NB the snakeshead fritillaries near the outdoor classroom seating are starting to flower


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Feeding birds + showing visiter around our project site

Thursday March 2nd 2017

Lovely sunny, dry spring weather-arrived at school by 8.30am and began work by filling all the bird feeders in and around the school wildlife area…

Just me this morning as alas Rose unable to help today…

Met Nigel Higginson the deputy manager from Dawlish Garden Trust-he arrived 10am to assess the large slope below the playground where we need help asap  with grass strimming and bramble removal-Nigel will arrange for a team of DGT supervisors and workers to start the task within the next 3 weeks…

As usual Nursery class children and staff came through the wildlife area not long after 9am on their daily visit to the outdoor learning area by the classrooms

Wildlife seen this morning included grey squirresl, magpies, robins, sparrows and blackbirds etc


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Repairs + feeding birds also first 2017 marsh marigold flower…

Monday February 27th 2017

This morning although weather forecast warned of  showers Colin, Chris and I all turned up for volunteering work as usual…

I began by filling the bird feeders- soon Colin arrived to help + he also kindly retrieved a dropped jar of bird food plus a fallen bird box from the undergrowth…

When Chris arrived to join us he was asked to repair the handrail on the steps below the shed this was nailed back on plus he also used cement to refit a post under the rail

Colin meanwhile fitted 2 support posts to the copper beech tree on the grassy area between the 2 main paths-hopefully this will help to keep the tree growing more upright!

I took some shears to chop the ivy growing under the rowan tree we’d been working on last Monday-I also retrieved a football and 5 tennis balls which had come over a tall fence by the playground..

Time for our coffee break- taken under or new shelter there was a heavy rain shower which sheltered us from getting a soaking.. 

The nursery class children and staff came through the school wildlife area as usual whilst we were there-they were on their way to the seating up near the raised vegetable growing planters by the classrooms..

First 2017 snowflake and marsh marigold flowers + blooms on the flowering currant bush seen this morning..

Due to wet weather conditions we packed up early and left for our homes around 10.30 am!

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