First 2016 fritillary and bluebells in flower + planting hollies,feeding birds,potting up honeysuckle & berberies cuttings etc

Thursday February 11th 2016

Rose unable to help this morning so just me working in and around our project site ie the school wildlife area

I began by filling the various bird feeders we have-most were empty due to me not coming on Monday because of rainy conditions!

NB The high mesh fence to the left of the shed + alongside the playground and school field is due to replaced soon-alas in preparation a lovely honeysuckle and berberis near our shed have been hacked back-I have potted on lots of the cuttings and am hoping some will regrow!

NB There’s also again lots of litter at the top of the slope by the mesh fence which needs clearing asap

I also planted 3 holly saplings behind the seating along the top pathway

Trying out my new phone camera I took numerous photos of the spring flowers ie snowdrops,snowflakes,crocus,daffodils,primroses,celendines etc

Today I spotted our first fritillary in bloom + our first bluebell flower -alas a horticulturist neighbour has identified the bluebell from my picture as a Spanish bluebell and not a native UK plant -though am sure we do have some English bluebells yet to bloom!

Also spotted some lovely cluster of orange berries on the stinking iris plant in the far copse ie below the car park

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Wet weather AGAIN!

Monday February 8th 2016

Alas wet weather conditions again meant that alas I cancelled our work session this morning…

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Feeding birds+planting wildflower seeds etc

Thursday February 4th 2016

Lovely sunny morning for our work session-I began by filling the bird feeders-Rose arrived in time to help me finish the job

Another football in our wildlife pond-managed to remove it by using a branch!

Mr Ball brought a school class down into the wildlife area-children quieter and calmer than recently as they were using worksheets to do the annual RSPB birdwatch….

After our coffee break Rose and I scattered several packets of wildflower seed mixtures on bare earth ie around our 4 main grassy area

On the way out of school we planted 30 more tulip bulbs around the flower bed just inside the car park

Thank you to Rose for making some more fat squares for the bird feeders and taking home our dirty gardening gloves to wash every week

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Feeding birds,filling water butts,re planting polyanthus + hollies

Monday February 1st 2016

Began by filling all the various bird feeders around the school wildlife area-Colin arrived in time to help

Next jobs were Colin filling up our 2 water butts whilst I refilled the bird food box ready for next Thursday’s work session

Colin also dug up the acanthus for Rose’s garden from the perennial bed behind nursery whilst I dug up the remaining polyanthus from the same area

After a coffee break we planted 3 variegated evergreen shrubs + more coloured markers in the area below the lower path where children have been coming through the undergrowth inadvertently causing  damage to our planting….

Two staff brought some nursery children down to explore the wildlife area mid morning

Grey squirrel+blackbirds,robins,great tit and bluetits seen around our bird feeders

NB we also picked up a huge amount of dead sunflower foliage which had been thrown over the fence from the children’s fruit,veg and flower garden-garden waste now added to our compost bins!

Finally on the way out of school we replanted the polyanthus on the flower bed in the car park ie opposite the school kitchen


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Feeding birds-planting daffodil & tulip bulbs + weeding

Thursday January 28th 2016

Lovely sunny weather-I began as usual by starting to fill the bird feeders Rose arrived 20 minutes later in time to help

After refilling the bird food box our next job was planting about 100 more daffodil bulbs on the main grassy areas below the shed+ between the 2 main paths

After a quick coffee break off we went to the front of school where we planted 100+ tulip bulbs in the pots and amongst the flower beds

NB these bulbs have been generously  been donated to us by Jack’s Patch

After some weeding back to the wildlife area for more coffee-we had to go via Mill Lane as the wooden 5 bar gate has been removed and the gateposts boarded up….

Mr Ball brought a class of children down to explore the wildlife area late morning

NB pathways are still extremely muddy especially neat the wildlife pond +nearby copse =more tree chippings urgently needed!

Grey squirrel,herring gull,magpie,blackbirds,bluetit and robin seen in and around our project site this morning

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First 2016 daffodil,crocus and almond tree blooms….

Monday January 25th 2016

Just me working this morning as Colin unable to help this week-I began the work session by filling all the bird feeders around the school wildlife area ie our project site….

After re filing the bird food box ready for Thursday I got on with the main job of the morning ie clearing the rest of the nettles,grasses and other dead foliage from the main grassy area between the main upper and lower pathways-resulting in another 5  large gardening bags of garden waste being added to our various compost bins

Saw lots of small birds around this morning -must remember to take binoculars on Thursday!

2 teaching assistants brought 4 little ones down to explore  the wildlife area mid morning

Lots more primroses,hellebores and snowdrops now in flower plus we also have daffodil,crocus and almond tree blooms

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More clearing of grasses,nettles etc + feeding birds

Thursday January 21st 2016

Thankfully much better morning weather wise….

Rose arrived in time to help with filling the bird feeders around our project site-after refilling the bird food box ready for our next work session we took a load of cardboard from the shed down to line the recycled pallet compost bins in the copse by the pond-Rose also swept the boardwalk round the pond

Our main job was more winter clearing of nettles,grasses,dead foliage etc from the grassy areas ie slope below the shed+ large area between the 2 main paths-hopefully this task will be completed next week then we can scatter more wildflower seeds

NB good to see that the school children have helped make our pathways a little safer by spreading some tree chippings -however we really do need lots more chippings asap

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