More clearing and tidying around car park,feeding birds,bullfinches on feeders etc

Monday February 19th 2018

After damp and drizzly weather yesterday thankfully this morning it was dry for our morning’s work session….

Colin and I refilled all the bird feeders in the school wildlife area then prepared the bird food ready for Thursday’s work session…

We next gathered tools,bags,wheelbarrow etc and set off to the car park at the front of school where we were soon joined by Chris…

After sweeping up the rest of the leaves etc from by the mesh fence into 4 bags -which we later took back into the wildlife area for composting-we spent another 90 minutes prunes back brambles etc from the large bed in the far corner of the car park ….

This green waste was chopped up and piled against the fence – we’re hoping to locate more pallets then we cam make recycled pallet compost bins on the edge of the bed for future prunings,leaves etc!

Back then around 11.10am to the wildlife area with tools etc and compostable material – time for our refreshment break ie coffee and biscuits taken on the seating along the top pathway where we also enjoyed watching male bullfinches on the feeders nearby!

Before  we left for home Chris stopped to repair a wheelbarrow – he noticed last week it needed repair so had brought a spare part from home to complete the job….

As we were leaving for our homes staff and children came into the wildlife area – a staff  member asked us for a bulb to show the children thankfully I was able to give them an iris bulb from the shed…



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More volunteer gardening at school…

Friday February 16th 2018

Another bright,dry and sunny morning for our extra work session at school this morning…

Colin,Chris and I worked hard for another couple of hours tidying around the staff car park….

We filled 4 more large black sacks with fallen leaves-this will rot down to “leaf mould” which we can make good use of in the wildlife area ie will probably add it to our homemade compost piles…

Jean spent most of the time pruning back brambles,Chris was also pruning brambles etc whilst Colin was busy pruning and sweeping by the fence ….

We all helped load up Chris’s trailer with leaves,brambles and prunings before stopping for a well deserved coffee break-many thanks to Chris for bringing his trailor and then transporting our gardening waste to the tip..

Colin insisted on staying on after Chris and I left as he wanted to finish clearing by the fence whilst the car park was free of vehicles!

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Starting mammoth clearing of cut branches,brambles and leaves around car park!

Monday February 12th 2018

First day of school half term holiday nevertheless  Colin, Chris and I all arrived to do more voluntary work at school-it was a lovely sunny morning which made our hard work even more enjoyable!

I began by watering the pots and planters at the front of school – then when Colin arrived I went to collect wheelbarrow, bags,tools gloves etc from our shed ie so we could take the opportunity of the car park being free of vehicles which enabled us to tackle some overdue clearing of cut branches,leaves plus brambles,ivy,litter etc…

Soon realised it was going to be a mammoth task -thankfully Chris arrived to help us

Many branches of assorted sizes had been previously cut and dumped on a large bed in the corner of the carpark by a caretaker-looking unsightly plus getting overgrown with brambles and ivy so we began by dragging the branches out then Colin and Chris manhandled them over the fence into the wildlife area -where they were later added to a woodpile..

Meanwhile I collected 3 large bags of leaves which are now in the wildlife area-when they are rotted down the nutritious leaf mould will be added to plant pots or to enrich the  waste materials  in our green compost bins..

I also chopped up 2 bags of brambles before adding them to compost piles in the wildlife area plus  swept around the edges of the car park

NB We are hoping to return on Friday morning  to remove more brambles,ivy and leaves from around the car park-Chris will bring his trailor and take a load of this green waste to the council tip for us!

Before we left the wildlife area after packing away our tools etc we refilled the bird feeders by the shed and classroom windows + Colin put the unused bundle of living willow in water and Chris added two fairy doors to the bases of trees!


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Feeding birds,weeding etc

Thursday 8th February 2018

Chilly dry weather for our work this morning…

Rose and I re filled all the bird feeders around the school wildlife area then sorted the bird food in our shed ready for next time..

We then mixed 4 bags of soil with some coir compost in the wheelbarrow before taking 4 bucket loads up the steps to top up the centre of the seat planter by the classrooms-alas still needing lots more compost as level quite low!

Rose planted 12 pansy plants around the roses in the 4 pots we filled last week plus we both spent time digging out lots more unwanted alexander plants…

Rest of morning spent litter picking near shed ie from playground plus general weeding and tidying etc

NB lots of broken abandoned pieces of living willow found on and underneath the outdoor classroom seating-have planted some to strengthen  the willow dome and left the rest on the tables-there is also one bundle been left by school staff near our shed-hopefully it will be used before half term next week?

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Feeding birds and planting roses…

Monday February 5th 2018

Extremely chilly but thankfully  dry and sunny weather this morning..

Colin arrived at school to help soon after me…we began our work by refilling all the bird feeders around the school wildlife area….

Next job was mixing some coir,garden soil and homemade compost in the wheelbarrow prior to planting 4 new rose bushes in large pots…will add more colourful plants asap to these pots ready to move later to the front of school…

After a coffee break agreement made it was too cold for more work so we tidied away our tools and left for our homes!

NB there are several bundles of new willow cuttings near the shed…so obviously the children are going to make some living willow structures i.e. domes or tunnels?

* Also noticed the soil level in the centre of the seat planter by the classrooms has dropped quite a lot i.e. especially in the centre …so needs topping up asap.



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Feeding birds + planting and weeding etc

Thursday February 1st 2018

Dry,sunny but chilly weather this morning for our work session…

Rosie arrived in time to help me with refilling all the bird feeders around the school wildlife area..

Whilst I was busy sorting the bird food in the shed ready for next week Rose planted up 2 large flower pots with perennial wallflowers and daffodil bulbs ….next we both planted the remaining daffodil bulbs on the grassy area between the 2 main paths…

After a coffee break we weeded out lots more unwanted alexander  plants from the slope behind the outdoor classroom seating and also near the living willow dome…

NB earlier I watered the recently planted saplings in our willow dome

*Since Monday some of the school children have apparently been busy planting lots more new living willow pieces to the left of the main steps and down near the outdoor classroom seating…it will be interesting to see how much of this roots successfully?


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Feeding birds + weeding out alexanders and excess ivy…

Monday January 29 th 2018

Rain forecasted  but thankfully we had dry and sunny conditions for our work session this morning…

Colin arrived in time to help me with refilling the bird feeders and sorting the bird food ready for next time..

Next job was weeding out alexanders which were growing on the steep bank below the classroom windows and in the far copse below the car park..

Chris arrived to helps – he cut some carpet and moved it to cover more of  the compost bins in the copse by the wildlife pond ..

After an early coffee break Chris tried to get the get the brush cutter he’s been repairing started…alas without success!

Meanwhile Colin and I were removing overgrown ivy from behind and underneath  the outdoor classroom seating…

Wildlife seen this morning included 4 swans flying over the school wildlife area,grey squirrel and magpies on the bird feeders,collared doves plus we kept hearing the woodpecker again drumming on trees nearby.


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