Feeding birds+strimming grass,litter picking and collected assorted balls and PE equipment!

Monday January 16th 2017

At school before 8am as I wanted to finish filling bird feeders before meeting at 9am a visitor who’s considering  joining our volunteer team- however she texted to say she’s unwell so am hoping we can arrange for her to come next Monday instead….

Chris arrived to help at 9am he kindly checked over our 2 grass strimmers which haven’t been used for a couple of years-he did a little strimming on the lower part of the slope below the playground …

Meanwhile I was busy picking up litter on this slope plus assorted balls and various types of PE equipment resulting in a sack of  litter + 3 sacks of balls etc

Alas managed to shred my legs as kept getting entangled in brambles….

NB I will request that grounds maintenance team use a bushcutter on the brambles asap!

After our coffee break Chris and I left as we both had other commitments at our homes this morning…

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Another work session cancelled…

Thursday January 12th 2017

Alas had to cancel this morning’s work session due to heavy rain being forecasted!

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Feeding birds,repairing peanut feeders,bramble chopping then alas rain stopped work session…..

Monday 9th January 2017

Dull grey morning alas with rain due…

Arrived school 8.15am began by filling bird feeders + refilled bird food box ready for Thursday’s work session…

Chris arrives around 9am he kindly repaired 2 of our peanut feeders again-damage caused by squirrels!

Next job was removing and chopping up lots of brambles from the rowan tree near the living willow dome-gardening waste added to the compost bins in the copse by the wildlife pond…

After our coffee break we packed up and went home early at 10.40am due to drizzly rain-however Chris has plans to make us a weatherproof  shelter asap!.

Nursery children + staff came through the wildlife area again early this morning

Not much wildlife seen today  just a robin and a pair of grey squirrels…


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Our project display at TAAG in Teignmouth January 7th – 20th

Saturday January 7th 2017

Today is the first day of the annual free event for local community groups at the TAAG Centre in Northumberland Place,Teignmouth

From today Saturday January 7th  this wonderful event is on daily ie        10am-5pm until Friday January 20th

As well as our TCS Mill Lane / Inverteign Wildlife Area Project’s display other groups represented include Teignmouth Gardening Club ,Teignmouth & Dawlish Ramblers , Teignmouth Twinning Association, Teignmouth Fairtrade ,The Orangery ,RNLI ,Volunteering in Health, The Alice Cross Centre, Teignmouth Players, The Helen Foundation, Eastcliff Community Gardens ,Coastwatch ,Teignmouth Library etc etc

Volunteers from the projects on display are taking turns to attend the event each day to make visitors welcome and to answer any queries


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Our first work session of 2017…

Thursday January 5th 2017

A lovely sunny morning for our first work session after the school Christmas holidays….

I arrived around 8.15am and began by starting to fill the bird feeders in and around our project site ie the school wildlife area….

I also re sited the mats by the classroom windows on the slope opposite the shed -this area can become muddy and slippery so the mats will hopefully prevent falls!

Rose arrived to help about an hour after my arrival she refilled the bird’s water dish whilst I refilled the bird food box containers ready for our next work session

Our next job was more winter tidying ie Rose finished pruning the buddleijas whilst I netted out more duckweed from the wildlife pond..

We also both pruned back brambles and wild roses from by the top path plus cleared more alexanders from by the outdoor classroom seating near the pond..

Lots of birds seen and heard within the wildlife area this morning ie herring gull, magpies, blackbirds, robins, bluetits, longtailed tits, sparrows etc

Alas also seen were 2  cats from neighbouring households-both intent on stalking wild birds

A couple of grey squirrels also seen near our peanut feeders again!

Nursery children with staff came through the wildlife area this morning also later 2 classes of year 2 children with staff came to explore -they both found a treasure chest containing colourful dragon’s eggs near the pond -before returning to their classrooms presumably to complete  a creative writing project…

There are still a few red campion flowers in bloom from 2016 + we also spotted a primrose, hazel catkins ,self heal ,violets and snowdrops all flowering this morning.

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Feeding birds,refilling water butts,repairing peanut feeders + fence

Monday December 19th 2016

First day of school Christmas holiday today however I had arranged with Chris to work within  our project site this morning!

Whilst waiting for Chris to arrive I watered the planters and pots at the front of school…

Our first job in the wildlife area was refilling the water butts -after showing Chris where in the upper playground  to connect the hose pipe I returned to water the pots near the shed..

Next job was refilling all the bird feeders whilst I did this Chris repaired a couple of peanut feeders which had again been damaged by squirrels!

Later Chris made a brilliant job of repairing the metal mesh fence by the shed ie a large hole has now gone + he lightly pruned a couple of rather tall fruit trees….

Several grey squirrels + robins, blackbirds and magpies seen this morning-flowers seen today included hellebores, gorse ,red campion, primroses and mallow

NB we are next working ie volunteering at school on Thursday January 5th 2017.


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Feeding birds+planting wildflowers and honeysuckles,pruning buddleijas and more autumnal/winter ground clearing…

Thursday December 15th 2016

Those pesky squirrels as soon as I started to refill the bird feeders 2 or 3 grey squirrels appeared to gobble up as much food as they could find!

Rose arrived to help around 9am-we began with a walk to the corner of the school field to check out the new environmental classroom..

Our next job together was finishing pruning the buddleijas near our storage shed + I planted more wildflower plants ie yarrow and ox eye daises in our new raised planter near the pond-I also planted 4 honeysuckle plants in the copse below the car park…

After a coffee and biscuit break we spent 30 minutes clearing grass ,nettles and alexanders etc from the grassy area near the wildlife pond

Numerous birds seen in and around the school wildlife area + Rose found the first violet flower in bloom near the buddleijas

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