Feeding birds+watering,planting wildflowers,moving last of phormiums,watching wildlife etc

Monday May 23rd 2016

Lovely sunny,warm and dry weather for our work in the school wildlife area this morning …

We began by watering all the plant pots near the shed + refilled the 2 water butts nearby

Next task was refilling all the various bird feeders around our project site

NB the broken seat near the wildlife pond has now thankfully been repaired by Keith one of the caretakers

Colin replanted some foxgloves and linaria purpurea (purple toadflax) which I’d brought from home -they are now growing near the lower pathway ie just below the far steps.

We both did some weeding on the bed by the boiler house then stopped to prune and move the last 3 phormiums onto Neil’s trailer with help from the excavator driver and a builder!

A wheelbarrow load and 4 huge bags of pruned phormium leaves added to the compost bins in the copse near the wildlife pond

Time next for a well deserved coffee break during which time we saw a jay,several blackbirds,a robin ,some sparrows,bluetits and great tits plus a grey squirrel,holly blue butterfly,white butterflies and orange tipped butterflies

Also first native gladiolas in flower plus lots of flowers on the red flowered horse chestnut tree

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Feeding birds,planting wildflowers,dead squirrel!

Thursday May 19th 2016

Just me working in school wildlife area this morning as Rose still away on holiday…

After filling the bird feeders and sorting the bird food ready for next week I planted some wildflower plants from home ie ox eye daisies and foxgloves.

I also weeded out more alexander plants from the copse near the wildlife pond

Mr Ball brought some groups of children down to explore the wildlife area-great excitement when they came across a dead squirrel which was later added to one of our compost bins…

Finally before heading home I watered the pots and planters at the front of school+ did a little more weeding…



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Watering,weeding and feeding birds…

Monday May 16th 2016

Lovely sunny,warm morning -Colin and I began by filling bird feeders in and around the school wildlife area after Colin managed to move the wheelbarrow with the heavy phormium -it’s now stored safely by our storage shed….

We watered the plants pots  near the shed plus the recently planted yew,hollies and fig tree near the far steps

During our coffee break we watched 2 or 3 very lively squirrels chasing each other on the ash trees by the lower pathway

Finally we went did lots of weeding + watered the planters and pots at the front of school

NB must remember to take some more plants ie geums,sweet williams , perennial wallflowers and osteospernums up to school from home asap -all will give more colour to the planting at the front of school!

NB Lots more growth of greenery,wildflowers,fruit tree blossom etc in the wildlife area on the grassy areas-alas not much sign of the new mixed wildflower seed -which we scattered last Autumn-germinating yet possibly due to the ever present nettles, cranesbills,hogweeds etc-however there are lots of red campion plants coming into flower!

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Rainy work session again…

Thursday May 12th 2016

Only stayed two and a half hours at school this morning due to rainy weather ….

Nevertheless managed to fill  the bird feeders in and around our project site ie the school wildlife area

Also transplanted the fig tree -rescued from the building site-now replanted on the edge of the far copse

Final job before continual rain stopped work was weeding out lots of dock plants which were growing alongside the top pathway

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After school library club visit wildlife area

Tuesday May 10th 2016

Unlike last week today I remembered my invitation to attend the after school library club from 3-4pm ….

The children have been busy lately taking photographs in the wildlife area for a guide book they are making-I helped identify 3 of the pictures for them ie honesty,forget me not and herb robert

Mrs Manning and I took 15+children down into the wildlife area to look for more plants,wildlife  etc

Lots of birds seen and heard also showed and named some more flowers – stitchwort,gorse,celendines,hawthorn blossom,marsh marigolds,cleavers and 2 types of wild garlic(ramsons +3 cornered leek/garlic)

Showed them an alexander plant and mentioned that alexanders and nettles are both thought to have been brought here centuries ago by the Romans as food plants.

NB the alexanders seem to be hosting  leaf mites not sure yet which species!

One of the girls mentioned seeing a orange tipped butterfly on a previous visit so I showed her it’s food plant which is abundant at this time of year-lots growing amongst the grass around the fruit trees on the slope by the playground-a pretty pink multi flowered plant with various names -cuckooflower,milkmaid,mayflower,lady’s smock etc

Two interesting creatures were spotted by the children a small shieldbug on the stem of a wild garlic and quite fascinatingly a large worm moving across the surface of the wildlife pond….


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Feeding birds,watering pots,refilling water butts and clearing more alexanders….

Monday May 9th 2016

At school before 8am I began by refilling the various bird feeders around our school wildlife area + also sorted bird food box ready for Thursday’s work session…

Colin arrived about 8.45 am -alas weather grey and damp so we sheltered in the shed for an early coffee break!

I then had to leave to attend a TLC trustees meeting at the Meadow Centre

Meanwhile Colin watered the flower pots by the shed and refilled the water butts

I returned by 10.30am in time to help Colin with clearing more of the alexanders from the slope below the playground-all garden waste added to the pallet compost bins in the copse by the wildlife pond

Noticed there are now aquilegias and yellow archangel in flower just below the far steps+wild garlic/ramsons a little further on ie below the path

Colin and I left  early at 11.15 as we both had other commitments

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Feeding birds,sorting shed ,watering pots etc

Thursday May 5th 2016

Just me for next few weeks on a Thursday morning as Rose is away …

I arrived school by 8.15am began by watering the planters and flower pots at the front of school-did a little weeding however still lots more to do ie in pots and flower beds!

Next to the wildlife area where I filled all the various bird feeders around our project site-after refilling the bird food box ready for next week I unpacked some of the mixed seed/suet pellets/sunflower hearts bags then added the opened cardboard boxes to the pallet compost bins…

Final job was watering all the planted pots near our storage shed-we will need to refill the water butts again next week

Nursery class and staff came into the wildlife area all very quietly looking at wildlife,plants,trees etc + so polite with their thank you’s!

Wildlife seen this morning by me included wood pigeons,magpies, sparrows, robins,blackbirds,bumble bees,+ 3 species of butterflies-speckled wood,small holly blue and orange tip

As I left a class of older children arrived to explore the wildlife area…

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