Feeding bird ,watering and weeding etc

Thursday April 26th 2017

Rose and I working within our school wildlife area project this morning-I began by refilling all the bird feeders- Rose arrived in time to help -on our way around we stopped to remove more unwanted alexander plants!

Rose watered all the plant pots by the shed whilst I sorted the bird food ready for our next work session

Our next job was pulling out lots of hogweed plant stems from near the paths

Our 2 main grassy areas will never alas be wildflower meadow areas as after 13 years we’ve been unsuccessful in removing the unwanted nettles and hogweed plants!

Lots of bird song heard plus  a variety of bees and butterflies seen this morning

Nursery class children and staff visited the wildlife area where they enjoyed exploring the many pathways…

After our coffee break Rose and I packed  away our tools etc and headed to the front of school to water the plant pots etc -ground & pots very dry as no substantial rain for quite a while

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Newts,pond snails,slow worms,speckled wood butterflies,wren,blackbirds,robins etc ,ivy berries+ repairing pond boardwalk,removing more alexander plants etc

Monday April 24th 2017

Another beautiful warm and sunny spring morning-as usual I began by refilling the bird feeders in and around the school wildlife area-Colin arrived soon after me and he kindly watered the planted pots near the shed + refilled the water butts..

As we both took cans of water up to water the seat planter by the classrooms  Chris arrived to help..

Chris did a super job repairing the boardwalk by the pond ie he replaced a plank + added a stone to fill a hole which was a H&S risk!

I decided to net some of the  pond weed which is covering the surface of the pond however I had to stop as a couple of scoops resulted in finding 2 newts, about 10 water snails + half a dozen  pond insects so everything safely returned to pond until later in year-great to know we actually do have healthy pond life surviving under the blanket of weed…..

Colin and I started to remove  the very tall alexander plants from the steep  slope below the playground -we were also  joined by Chris = some garden waste added to compost bins near pond rest added to piles at base of slope…

After our coffee break I did more weeding whilst Colin and Chris used wire to repair an insect shelter and a garden waste bin…

As well as the pond wildlife we also saw numerous blackbirds,robins and a wren -also bees and speckled wood butterflies plus I found an adult slow worm sheltering under the cardboard in a recycled pallet compost bin near the outdoor classroom seating…

Most trees in leaf apart from copper beech, ash ,mulberry and walnut ….

Wild cherry and crab apple trees in full blossom-also lots of bluebells from white ,mauve ,pale blue to dark blue  flowering throughout the wildlife area…

Red campion and cuckoo flower also in flower..

Hopefully next Monday we’ll do more work on the slope behind the shed-possibly strimming or using the bill hook found in our shed this morning….

NB Colin I looked up above the top path and noticed lots of bunches of juicy looking ivy berries -great food source for wild birds…







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Sunny spring weather for our first volunteers work session of this new summer term….

Thursday April 17th 2017

Lovely sunny morning for our first work session of the summer term..

Rose arrived to help not long after me and began work by watering the plant pots near the shed whilst I refilled all the bird feeders around the school wildlife area-we also watered the wildflower raised bed and the recently planted hollies, honesty and foxglove plants near the top path…

Next task was tackling removing more alexander plants alas ground too dry to pull them out of the ground so most chopped off at ground level with secateurs-Rose removed some by the shed plus we both began reducing them from the slope below the playground…

NB Noticed the wildlife pond now heavily covered with duckweed however don’t want to disturb any tadpoles or newts so leaving it for a few weeks until I scoop most of the weed out with a net!

The nursery class children and staff came down to explore the wildlife area as usual whilst we were working…

Lots of  blossom on the crab apple trees + guelder rose trees flowering and an increasing number of bluebells in flower -also a tremendous increase in green foliage growth on trees + at ground level over last fortnight…

NB we have a tree on the grassy area between the 2 main paths which is probably deceased -possible the red flowered hawthorn -must make note of this and remember if it’s dead to remove tree in Autumn when clearing undergrowth…

After packing up around 11.20am we headed to the front of school where we watered the planters and pots plus Rose planted 2 new rose bushes-I also watered the recently planted flower bed by the staffroom window

NB Lots of new flowers cerinthe etc blooming in the beds at the front of school-bit of a mystery where thay had come from until I remembered that last Autumn my friends – Jean & Harry – donated lots of plants from their garden -rather poignant as Jean recently passed away unexpectedly so now the plants will bring back memories of happier times…



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Easter break continues…

Monday April 17th 2017

Another “morning off” as today Easter Monday – however we will be back working within our school wildlife area project site on Thurs am ie later this week!

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Easter Break….

Thursday April 13th 2017

No work session today…..

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Pruning,planting,watering and feeding birds….

Monday April 10th 2017

Another warm and sunny morning -I arrived at school about 8.15am in time to collect wheelbarrow, gloves, tools etc -for our first job at the front of school- before another volunteer came to assist me …

When Colin arrived to help we pruned back the grasses and other planting in the flower bed by the staffroom window  then planted some flowering plants in the gaps ie cranesbills ,yellow loosestrife, bears britches + 2 other plants I can’t recall the name of!

All new planting watered in plus the seat planter nearby also watered and 4 large garden bags + 2 wheelbarrow loads of garden waste taken into the wildlife area and added to the compost bins near the pond….

Next after a well deserved coffee break Colin refilled the water butts and watered the planted pots by the shed whilst I refilled all the bird feeders in and around the wildlife area + we took the netting off the wildflower plants growing in the raised bed and watered these new plants  ie where the ragged robin plant is flowering….

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Weeding,planting and feeding birds + bluebells,ragged robin & cuckoo flowers etc now flowering….

Thursday April 6th 2017

Rose and I working at school this morning in lovely warm sunshine-we spent most of our time working at the front of school ie weeding and watering the large planters and pots…

We also planted gladioli and iris bulbs + planted several pots of  lilies, cranesbills and honesty plants which Rose had brought from her garden – we  removed the brambles from the bed by the staffroom window and watered the seat planter near nursery-NB more tidying still to be done asap on the flower beds at the front of school…

Back then to the wildlife area for a well deserved coffee break- we observed lots of bumble bees plus speckled wood butterflies around us…

Also noticed bluebells + ragged robin and cuckoo flowers now blooming plus lots of fruit tree in blossom ie crab apples, pears,plums and apples….

Whilst I refilled the bird feeders Rose was busy planting several pots of honesty plants around the wildlife area + she also added another wildflower plant (yellow flowering trefoil?) which I bought at the Cornwall Garden Show at Boconnac House- to the raised bed near the pond….

After adding the wheelbarrow load of garden waste from our work at the front of school to the compost bins in the copse by the pond we locked up and headed for our homes at 12md…


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