Feeding birds + planting up new tubs,watering etc

Thursday July 30th 2015

I arrived first and began by filling bird feeders -soon after Colin arrived in time to help me then shortly after we’d finished sorting the bird food in the shed ready for our next work session Rose came to help-she brought several bags of shredded hedge trimmings from home which we spread on the muddiest part of the lower path!

Next I went off to do more weeding alongside the top path + also started to  remove  unwanted weeds etc from the far copse meanwhile Colin was busy watering the planted pots by the shed and Rose was planting 3 large pots with tulip bulbs,perennials and bedding plants-we took these  (using the wheelbarrow)to the front of school placing them by the wooden planters hopefully  to deter people from sitting on the planters and squashing our lovely plants !

Colin + Rose and I were then busy at the front of school watering the various flower beds and planters -on the way back to the wildlife area we stopped to give all the fruit trees a can of water each+we also watered the nearby seat planter and most of the nursery garden

Adult and young blackbirds and robins seen in the wildlife area+speckled wood butterflies also several meadow brown butterflies on the brambles in the hedge by the learning centre

Have arranged to miss out next Monday’s work session but plan to meet up for more gardening tasks etc next Thursday!

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Litter picking,feeding birds,unwanted weed clearance,agrimony wildflower,missing peanut feeder found + donkey poo!

Monday July 27th 2015

Colin unable to help today so just me working at first work session in school summer holidays..

I began by collecting and filling bag with litter which herring gulls had removed from litter bin and scattered across  the school playing field!

Next job was filling all the various birdfeeders within our project site ie the school wildlife area

NB later whilst weeding I found the missing peanut feeder -it was under the buddleias and mallows near the shed!

Main job was starting to clear some of the tall unwanted weeds/wildflowers ie cow parsley,hogweed and corn parsley before they seed everywhere-2 large wheelbarrow loads+2 large garden bags of garden waste added to the pallet compost bins in the copse by the pond

Noticed we have agrimony (yellow spikes)in flower just below the top path

Finally before leaving school I added a bag of fresh donkey poo to one of the compost bins behind the learning centre-we had donkey rides at the school fete on the last day of term and I asked them to leave the manure for us!


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Watering,feeding birds,weeding+yellow toadflax+musk mallow+grey squirrel+butterflies,ants nests,ladybirds and slow worms etc

Thursday July 23rd 2015

Just me working in school wildlife area this morning-today last school day of summer term…..

Began by watering flower pots and planters at front of school then with a struggle moved 3 heavy boxes of mixed bird seed,sunflower hearts and peanuts (3×25 kilos)down the far steps into the wildlife area-we buy in bulk from Food 4 Birds as it’s reasonably priced good quality food

Next job was watering the flower and shrub pots near the shed before filling the various bird food feeders we have around the school wildlife area

A quick coffee break then weeded and filled about 5 large garden bags with greenery which was overhanging the pathways within our project site-garden waste added to pallet compost bins in copse by pond

Mr Ball and Mrs Frost brought down a class of children on a mini beast hunt ie using information sheets from the Woodland Trust-Mr Ball showed the children 3 slow worms he discovered in the pallet compost bin by the outdoor classsroom seating

Most of our green plastic compost bins are alive with woodlice,ants nests etc plus there were lots of ladybirds and lady bird larvae on plants near the shed

2 new wildflowers spotted in bloom this morning-yellow toadflax and musk mallow

Our volunteer team are working next Monday and Thursday morning then we will decide our timetable for rest of the summer holiday -we usually only come in one morning per week in August!

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Colourful buddleias +humid and damp weather curtails our work session

Monday July 20th 2015

Alas humid and damp,drizzly weather resulted in our work session finishing an hour earlier than usual this morning…

I arrived at school around 8.15am and began by starting to fill the numerous bird feeders around our project site-half an hour later Colin arrived to help me.

After sorting the birdfood containers ready for Thursday’s work session we gathered tools etc and went down to weed out nettles,brambles and hogweed etc from  the boardwalk around the pond.

 Next job was weeding under and around the outdoor classroom seating

After our coffee break we decided as the weather wasn’t showing signs of improvement that we would pack everything back in the shed and go home early!

Magpies,blackbirds and young robins were seen in the wildlife area this morning

Amazingly colourful buddleias now in flower near our storage shed-purple,lilac,pink and white blooms al hopefully providing food for numerous butterflies

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Teignmouth in Bloom judges visit + feeding birds,weeding,planting and watering + flying ants etc

Thursday July 16th 2015

Colin and I began by filling the bird feeders around the school wildlife area when Rose arrived we took plants,tools etc to the front of school

We then spent an hour planting some fuschias,geraniums and french lavenders in various planters,pots and flower beds-we also did some weeding and lots of watering plus I brought round one of the large planted flower pots from  behind the learning centre-have now put it on the flower bed near the bin shelter/front gate.

The 2  judges and photographer from  the annual Teignmouth in Bloom competition arrived just after 9.40 am-alas they didn’t have time to view the 5 flower beds at the front of school or the wildlife area however they seemed impressed with both the planting in the nursery garden area and the wonderful fruit,flower and veg planting by Mrs Frost and the schoolchildren.

Back to the wildlife area for our coffee break -2 classes of excited children came into the wildlife area-one class were looking for woodlice as part of a science project-I showed 4 boys the ants nest  in the 2 compost bins by the shed-today there were also flying ants in both bins!

Saw several blackbirds around this morning plus young robins

Water butts and watering cans refilled plus all planting around shed ie roses and honeysuckles plus nearby pots with shrubs and wildflowers etc all watered


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All alone-feeding birds,watering and weeding etc+identifying bindweeds!

Monday July 13th 2015

Colin unable to help this morning just me volunteering in school grounds this morning…

Began by watering the planters and pots at the front of school then on into the school wildlife area to fill the various birdfeeders around our project site

Watered the flower and shrub pots near the shed +did some weeding along the edges of the pathways

Lots of interesting things spotted ie 2 young robins,several blackbirds and wood pigeons,hawthorn berries,hazelnuts ,conkers, almonds, apples, cherries plus new wildflowers in bloom-large white/hedge bindweed+small pink and white/field bindweed+purple loosestrife, honeysuckle, meadowsweet,scabious,betony,birdsfoot trefoil,vetch,st john’s wort and buddleias

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Feeding birds-planting,weeding,pruning,watering+new compost bin

Thursday July 9th 2015

Up to school early began by watering pots and planters at front of school then on to wildlife area – Colin arrived to help me with filling bird feeders around our project site-large peanut feeder near water butts has disappeared-we did see 3 grey squirrels in the far copse wonder if they are the culprits?

After we’d sorted the food ready for next week and got tools etc ready for gardening tasks at the front of school Rose arrived to help us

Lots of weeding and pruning done +more watering also Rose planted 12 more snapdragon plants-Colin took 2 loads of prickly prunings down to compost pile at far corner of school field

Ros and her husband kindly brought the compost bin donated by Ken via Streetlife-have placed the bin in the flower bed in the carpark-we really appreciate this bin as there’ll be less walks down the field with our garden waste from now on!


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