Humid but dry weather for bird feeding,weeding ,pruning,planting saplings,taking cuttings and sampling plums!

Thursday August 27th 2015

At school by 8.30am began by filling bird feeders around school wildlife area-Rose joined me just after 9am -she kindly tied up some fallen knapweeds and scabious to a marker cane by the outdoor classroom seating near the pond

Next job a bit hazardous -planting 6 assorted saplings on the steep slope below  the  classroom windows have also put some marker canes nearby hopefully to deter further damage to the undergrowth!

Rose potted up 4 lots of lovely pink/purple flowered cranesbills -taken from the large perennial bed behind nursery and learning centre

After our coffee break we sampled a plum each -decided to leave for another week….

Final job was starting weeding and pruning the flower bed by the boiler house/steps in the playground

Several blackbirds and robins seen in and around our project site this morning

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Fed birds then home before the heavier rain!

Monday August 24th 2015

At school for 8.15am -began by filling bird feeders as usual-weather forecast heavy rain due -possibly why just me there ie Colin wisely stayed home!

 Decided to start pruning back stray brambles + cranesbills,honeysuckles etc growing over fence near nursery/learning centre ie by playground slope-just managed to fill first large garden bag with waste before sky darkened and rain began to fall s0 after emptying waste onto compost pile in copse by pond packed up 10am and left quickly for home!

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Goldfinches,chaffinches,sparrows,collared doves,blue tits,great tits,magpies,robins,blackbirds,fungi+devil’s bit scabious,flax etc

Thursday August 20th 2015

Rose and working in humid and damp weather this morning-as usual we began by filling the various bird feeders in and around our project site ie the school wildlife area

Rest of morning spent pruning back the buddleias +undergrowth overhanging the pathways and steps-resulting in another 6 or 7 large tubs of garden waste being added to the compost bins in the copse by the wildlife pond-we both managed to get quite wet removing the unwanted greenery after all the rain yesterday and earlier today!

NB I noticed a couple of new wildflowers in bloom -blue flax flowers near the shed and some lovely blue devil’s bit scabious flowers growing at the base of the grassy slope below the shed

Lots of birds seen and heard this morning ie magpies,robins,collared doves,blackbirds,bluetits,great tits,sparrows,chaffinches, goldfinches etc

A variety of unidentified fungi around the pathways throughout our school wildlife area at the moment

Finally on way home I cut back lots of the cranesbills and grasses which were  overhanging the pathway by the back entrance to our Teignmouth Learning Centre

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Speckled wood butterflies+grasshopper/cricket + unidentified fungi

 Monday August 17th 2015

Arrived school around 8.15am began filling bird feeders around school wildlife area -15 minutes later Colin arrived to help me on this lovely sunny and warm morning….

After we’d sorted the bird food ie ready for next work session on Thurs am we gathered tools etc ready for our next task

Beginning along the top path we pruned back the mallow which had fallen onto the path plus pulled out the thistles,corn parsley etc growing around the buddleias near the shed

Moving further along the top path Colin pruned back a overhanging wild rose whilst I pulled out more nettles,hogweeds etc-this garden waste was taken to the pallet compost bins in the copse by the pond

Time then for an early coffee break in the sunshine on the seating along the top path -lots of butterflies around in fact a lovely speckled wood butterfly landed on my sleeve for about a minute!

Final job of the morning was weeding amongst the trees and shrubs below the lower path ie near the ash trees=lots more garden waste taken to the compost pallet bins!

Time for home -on the way we spotted an unidentified grasshopper/cricket on the large metal school field gate+ earlier observed several species of unidentified fungi in and around our project site ie the school wildlife area

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Two out of 3 volunteers brave damp working conditions….

Thursday August 13 th 2015

I arrived at school about 8.15am -weather grey and drizzly nevertheless the birds needed feeding!

 After filling the various birdfeeders close to the shed I pruned the deadheads off the nearby buddleias whilst waiting for Rose to arrive..

As soon as she came we set to and filled the rest of the feeders throughout the school wildlife area before sorting the bird food as usual ready for our work sessions next week

Alas we discovered a mystery visitor probably a badger or squirrel had dug out the bedding begonias and lavender plant from the large pot Rose planted up last week-she replanted it before we took it round to it’s new home at the front of school

Rose planted some more fuschias in the pots and geums in the flowerbeds whilst I watered the planters and pots

Finally we both did some weeding before packing away our tools and heading for home

NB have added some polite notices to the wooden planters hopefully this will encourage   more care is taken not to damage our lovely plants when school term starts in September

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Rain due all morning…

Monday August 10th 2015

Alas it’s raining and forecasted to last all morning therefore am not going up to work in our school wildlife area this morning -shame as there was so much I planned to do!

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Feeding birds,weeding,planting and watering etc

Thursday August 6th 2015

Arrived school around 8am I began as usual by filling bird feeders around the school wildlife area-Colin came at 8.30am in time to help me refill the bird food supply box ready for our  work session next week

Colin and I then went to the far copse below the car park where we spent 45 minutes clearing away plants which had finished flowering ie nettles,cleavers,docks,hogweeds,cow parsley etc-garden waste added to compost bins

Meanwhile Rose had come to join us she used a mix of soil and homemade compost to fill 2 new large pots which she planted with tulip bulbs,french lavenders and bedding begonias -these tubs are going at the front of school by the wooden planters

After our  coffee break Colin left early -he had a bowls match-Rose and I went to the front of school where we did a little more weeding plus watered all the flower pots and planters and also some of the other plants in the flower beds

Usual blackbirds,magpies,wood pigeons and robins seen this morning plus a grey squirrel-also noticed we have a cyclamen in flower on the slope below the shed

Several meadow brown butterflies seen feeding on flowers on the perennial bed behind nursery+on the bramble flowers in the nearby native hedgerow

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